call us back or you'll be taken in to custody on some unmentioned matter.

Caller stole my dog and wants 300 for it's safe return. I called the cops and they weren't able to help. Called this number back with no answer.:sad:


Foreign accent


The owner of this phone number is a predator and has been convicted of abuse against minors.

Exercise extreme caution when dealing or interacting with


Received a text saying I needed to do a Craigslist phone verification. Not sure if it’s legit.

This is the téléphone number of restaurant Johnny's in the laurentians.

Hi this is a safe number.

This fax phone number keeps calling our business landline and makes a fax beep noise. We received 12 calls so far today and counting.

Received 12 unwanted calls from a fax machine to a business landline.

Called me at least 5 times over the past week, and whenever I pick up they hang up.

Obvious scammer, stay away from this number.

British Columbia

Hung up as soon as I picked up.