Fake post office claim link to hack your phone. Don’t click it.

North Carolina

Just a random text asking, "hi, who's this? ". you texted me, strange person.


Sextortion. Asking for OnlyFans and sexual pictures.

Unsolicited text: one cup a day shed 43 lbs easily within a month. Recommended By Sharktank...

This phone number threatened to kill me and my family if I did not provide them with money. They were able to retrieve my public records to coarse me into pa

Texted me about a baby being born claiming it was my nephew several nights this week at odd hours. Seems like a scammer or prank

Unknown number texted “Hey good looking.”


Scam claiming there is a legal action and they are calling from Social Security trying to obtain personal info.


Seems to be moveon.org spam


Seems to be moveon.org spam

Will update later but had a few red flags come up dealing with this guy. Name is John Parker. Says he is from Lancaster, PA I was responding to a craigslist

They sent this text message: It is time you get what you deserve. Claim your uncollected $7646.23 cash in 48 hrs (recipient's name)....Rzm4fd.ea8i74.cc..