This person says his name is Dave and was on a dating site and told me he won the lottery and sent me a picture off the computer of a box full of money and a

West Virginia

This number was used to solicit money from my wife's family, using her name.

Filthy text message sent with a website attached to it. I didn't click the link.

North Carolina

Auto warranty services call

New Jersey


Unknown person from Grindr called / texted from this number attempted blackmail / extortion

Unknown person from Grindr attempting to blackmail / extort $

Got a text from this number claiming to be someone I know. Very clearly not that person, cause that person was in the room with me.

Unsolicited ***** Pic

Send unsolicited ***** pics to people without knowing their age

probably a cop!

Robot caller from the complaints department and will file charges if don't hear from me. One of those "press 1" to be connected scammer.