Received a text message that says: Happy Birthday Francois. Click on the link to receive your gift!

A friend of mine who put up his computer for sale on craiglist received a call for this number, claiming to pay him at least 2 times the amount he was asking


Hung up as soon as I picked up. Scammer


Hello, this is my number :smile:

Safe caller!



Pretends to be from law enforcement, and accuses me for a crime I never committed.

Caller claims to be from the IRS, and says I owe money for some taxes I filled in 2 years ago.

I later checked with the "real" IRS to confirm

Automated message saying I have a credit card balance to be paid out immediately.

Do people actually fall for this?

District of Columbia

Scammer pretending to be from the department of justice and tax investigation in the government.

Do not answer, I've also reported this scammer to