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How to Block Unwanted Phone Numbers on Your Mobile Phone

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In 2017, robocalls (automated, pre-recorded messages) made their presence felt in the annoying- sales-call market. During Nov 2016 to Oct 2017, the FTC received over 7 million complaints at, and according to the Do Not Call Data Book for 2017, the majority of the calls reported were robocalls. Based on these stats, I dare say, there will be a time when we will miss the friendly, talkative telemarketer.

If you are receiving robocalls on your Android or iOS device, here are some steps you can take to block those unwanted numbers.

Blocking on Android Phones
  • Tap on the Contacts or the Phone icon.
  • Choose the number you want to block.
  • Search for an option like "Block number", "Add to blacklist" or "Reject call" in the options on the display screen as well as the additional options. 

If your carrier does not support number blocking, then, perhaps, the two other options you have are to use a Call Blocking App or use a send to voicemail option. There are several free and paid apps available in the Google Play Store, including Calls Blacklist and Mr. Number. Here’s how to setup the send to voice mail feature:
  • Go to Contacts
  • Select a name.
  • Edit the selected contact.
  • Select menu.
  • Select the calls to voicemail option.

Blocking on iOS Phones

The Apple iOS introduced the call blocking feature with version 7.0. You can block the number from the Messages, FaceTime and Recents sections.  
  • Select the "i" icon displayed with the number
  • Go to Block this Caller at the bottom of the Info screen.

You can also filter your messages for unknown senders. Go to Settings, select Messages, and Turn on the conveniently-named Filter Unknown Senders option.