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How to Deal with Robocalls

Fake Calls   /   Jun 3rd, 2018   /  A+ | a-
There has been over 4.5 million robocalls made during the fiscal year 2017, making robocalls the #1 type of call in the National Do Not Call registry, according to the latest report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Moreover, there was also an increase of about 2 million in telemarketing calls compared to the fiscal year 2016. If you are one of those affected by these calls, here are some steps you can take to avoid future calls.

1. Do not engage in any way

Responding to any of the options you hear from the caller will probably just result in more robocalls, even if the option is to “get off the list.” Also, speaking to an operator won’t help. The best thing to do after receiving a call is to just hang up.

2. Sign up for the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry and Scam Alerts

Over 229 million phone numbers are registered with the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry.  Registration is free and you can register your phone or mobile number directly at: Being on the list does not necessarily mean telemarketers won't call you, but it enables you to report the caller later on.

The FTC also alerts users on the latest scams. Sign up for email alerts from the FTC here.

3. Use a call blocking app

There are several phone lookup and blocking apps for Android and iOS phones. The good ones keep track of known numbers and allows you to create a blacklist as well. The apps are typically free with optional in-app purchase options for specific services. Hiya, Truecaller, and Robokiller are popular options.

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