Beware Hispanic speaking voices pretending to be SS department,do not answer and report number

They text me stock information

He bought some vintage clothing items and said he had stage 4 cancer. He was going n a hunting trip to Ireland before he died. He asked if he could take some


This guy tried to tent me a house on facebook. Wanted me to send hi. Money through the mail and he would send key! Said wife had leukemia so he couldn't

Received a call then voicemail from 646-275-5043. The message said it’s for an Apple Support Advisor. And to call their toll free number 315-232-8257. The

North Carolina

Amanda Allen cell phone

Don't waste your time Jeff Spaulding is trying to rent a house to me through Craigslist in Portland Oregon and something told me to look up the number ju

Same as the older comments. Listed a a craigslist ad to rent a house in Portland, Oregon and said he moved to Arkansas. Asked for a deposit to secure positio

Came up FBI Govnmt on my phone

Caller id says...herbi irizarry 312-885-1574. Robot sounding voice says this call is from the legal department of social security. What a hoax.


Scam call


Same here, I keep getting a text from this number saying I have an unclaimed package. Has to be a scam, never ordered anything this year!!!!