219-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Indiana, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 219. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Indiana. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
219-200-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-201-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-202-XXXX Indiana
219-203-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-204-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-205-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-206-XXXX Westfield, Indiana
219-207-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-208-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-209-XXXX Westfield, Indiana
219-210-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-211-XXXX Indiana
219-212-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-213-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-214-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-215-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-216-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-217-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-218-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-219-XXXX Indiana
219-220-XXXX Indiana
219-221-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-222-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-223-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-224-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-225-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-226-XXXX Crown Point, Indiana
219-227-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-228-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-229-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-230-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-231-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-232-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-233-XXXX Indiana
219-234-XXXX Indiana
219-235-XXXX Indiana
219-236-XXXX Indiana
219-237-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-238-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-239-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-240-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-241-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-242-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-243-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-244-XXXX Indiana
219-245-XXXX Indiana
219-246-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-247-XXXX Indiana
219-248-XXXX Indiana
219-249-XXXX Indiana
219-250-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-251-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-252-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-253-XXXX MONON, Indiana
219-254-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-255-XXXX Indiana
219-256-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-260-XXXX Indiana
219-261-XXXX Remington, Indiana
219-262-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-263-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-267-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-269-XXXX Indiana
219-270-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-275-XXXX Brook, Indiana
219-276-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-279-XXXX WOLCOTT, Indiana
219-281-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-285-XXXX MOROCCO, Indiana
219-286-XXXX Elkhart, Indiana
219-290-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-292-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-293-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-296-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-297-XXXX GOODLAND, Indiana
219-299-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-300-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-301-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-302-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-303-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-304-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-305-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-306-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-307-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-308-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-309-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-310-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-311-XXXX Indiana
219-313-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-314-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-315-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-316-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-317-XXXX Indiana
219-318-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-319-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-320-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-321-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-322-XXXX Dyer, Indiana
219-323-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-324-XXXX Laporte, Indiana
219-325-XXXX Laporte, Indiana
219-326-XXXX Laporte, Indiana
219-330-XXXX Indiana
219-331-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-333-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-334-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-335-XXXX Indiana
219-336-XXXX Indiana
219-344-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-345-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-351-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-354-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-359-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-362-XXXX Laporte, Indiana
219-363-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-364-XXXX WHEELER, Indiana
219-365-XXXX ST JOHN, Indiana
219-369-XXXX LA PORTE, Indiana
219-370-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-374-XXXX Cedar Lake, Indiana
219-378-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-379-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-380-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-381-XXXX Oak Brook, Indiana
219-384-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-386-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-390-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-391-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-392-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-393-XXXX LA PORTE, Indiana
219-394-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-395-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-397-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-398-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-399-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-400-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-401-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-402-XXXX Indianapolis, Indiana
219-405-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-406-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-407-XXXX Indiana
219-411-XXXX Indiana
219-413-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-424-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-427-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-433-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-440-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-443-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-444-XXXX Indiana
219-448-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-455-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-462-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-464-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-465-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-472-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-473-XXXX Whiting, Indiana
219-474-XXXX Kentland, Indiana
219-476-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-477-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-484-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-487-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-488-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-491-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-500-XXXX Indiana
219-501-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-506-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-507-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-508-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-509-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-510-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-511-XXXX Indiana
219-512-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-513-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-515-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-516-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-525-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-531-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-533-XXXX Indiana
219-544-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-545-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-548-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-552-XXXX SHELBY, Indiana
219-554-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-555-XXXX Indiana
219-558-XXXX ST JOHN, Indiana
219-561-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-567-XXXX FRANCESVILLE, Indiana
219-575-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-576-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-577-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-585-XXXX Elkhart, Indiana
219-588-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-595-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-600-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-604-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-608-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-611-XXXX Indiana
219-613-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-614-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-615-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-616-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-617-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-627-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-628-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-629-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-641-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-644-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-647-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-648-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-649-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-650-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-654-XXXX Valparaiso, Indiana
219-655-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-659-XXXX Whiting, Indiana
219-660-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-661-XXXX Crown Point, Indiana
219-662-XXXX Crown Point, Indiana
219-663-XXXX Crown Point, Indiana
219-666-XXXX Indiana
219-669-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-670-XXXX BURR RIDGE, Indiana
219-671-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-677-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-678-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-680-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-681-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-682-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-685-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-688-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-689-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-690-XXXX Lowell, Indiana
219-695-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-696-XXXX Lowell, Indiana
219-697-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-700-XXXX Indiana
219-702-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-703-XXXX East Chicago, Indiana
219-704-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-706-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-707-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-708-XXXX Indiana
219-711-XXXX Indiana
219-712-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-713-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-714-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-716-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-717-XXXX Indiana
219-718-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-728-XXXX Michigan City, Indiana
219-730-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-733-XXXX WANATAH, Indiana
219-734-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-736-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-738-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-741-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-742-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-743-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-746-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-747-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-750-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-751-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-752-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-754-XXXX La Crosse, Indiana
219-755-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-756-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-757-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-759-XXXX WHEELER, Indiana
219-762-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-763-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-764-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-765-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-766-XXXX KOUTS, Indiana
219-767-XXXX UNION MILLS, Indiana
219-769-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-770-XXXX Indiana
219-771-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-775-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-776-XXXX CROWN POINT, Indiana
219-777-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-779-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-781-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-783-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-785-XXXX WESTVILLE, Indiana
219-787-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-789-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-791-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-792-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-793-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-794-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-795-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-796-XXXX Merrillville, Indiana
219-797-XXXX HANNA, Indiana
219-798-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-800-XXXX Indiana
219-801-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-802-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-803-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-804-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-805-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-806-XXXX ELGIN, Indiana
219-808-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-809-XXXX Michigan City, Indiana
219-810-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-811-XXXX Indiana
219-812-XXXX Indiana
219-814-XXXX Indiana
219-815-XXXX Indiana
219-816-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-819-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-828-XXXX SAN PIERRE, Indiana
219-836-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-838-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-840-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-841-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-843-XXXX MEDARYVILLE, Indiana
219-844-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-845-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-850-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-851-XXXX Laporte, Indiana
219-852-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-853-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-861-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-863-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-864-XXXX Dyer, Indiana
219-865-XXXX Dyer, Indiana
219-866-XXXX Rensselaer, Indiana
219-869-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-871-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-872-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-873-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-874-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-877-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-878-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-879-XXXX MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana
219-880-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-881-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-882-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-883-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-884-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-885-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-886-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-887-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-888-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-895-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-898-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-900-XXXX Indiana
219-902-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-911-XXXX Indiana
219-913-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-915-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-916-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-921-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-922-XXXX HIGHLAND, Indiana
219-923-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-924-XXXX HIGHLAND, Indiana
219-926-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-928-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-929-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-931-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-932-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-933-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-934-XXXX HIGHLAND, Indiana
219-937-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-938-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-939-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-940-XXXX PORTAGE, Indiana
219-942-XXXX Hobart, Indiana
219-943-XXXX Indiana
219-944-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-945-XXXX Hobart, Indiana
219-947-XXXX Hobart, Indiana
219-949-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-950-XXXX Indiana
219-951-XXXX Chicago, Indiana
219-954-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-956-XXXX Wheatfield, Indiana
219-958-XXXX South Bend, Indiana
219-959-XXXX Indiana
219-961-XXXX Oak Brook, Indiana
219-962-XXXX Lake Station, Indiana
219-963-XXXX Lake Station, Indiana
219-964-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-972-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-973-XXXX Portage, Indiana
219-976-XXXX Indiana
219-977-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-979-XXXX Arlington Heights, Indiana
219-980-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-981-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-983-XXXX Chesterton, Indiana
219-984-XXXX REYNOLDS, Indiana
219-985-XXXX Gary, Indiana
219-986-XXXX Plymouth, Indiana
219-987-XXXX DEMOTTE, Indiana
219-988-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-989-XXXX Hammond, Indiana
219-990-XXXX SOUTH BEND, Indiana
219-992-XXXX LAKE VILLAGE, Indiana
219-996-XXXX HEBRON, Indiana
219-999-XXXX Chicago, Indiana