249-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Ontario, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 249. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Ontario. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
249-200-XXXX Ontario
249-201-XXXX Ontario
249-203-XXXX Ontario
249-204-XXXX Ontario
249-205-XXXX Ontario
249-214-XXXX Ontario
249-215-XXXX Ontario
249-216-XXXX Ontario
249-217-XXXX Ontario
249-218-XXXX Ontario
249-219-XXXX Ontario
249-220-XXXX Ontario
249-221-XXXX Ontario
249-222-XXXX Ontario
249-223-XXXX Ontario
249-224-XXXX Ontario
249-225-XXXX Ontario
249-227-XXXX Ontario
249-228-XXXX Ontario
249-229-XXXX Ontario
249-230-XXXX Ontario
249-231-XXXX Ontario
249-232-XXXX Ontario
249-233-XXXX Ontario
249-234-XXXX Ontario
249-235-XXXX Ontario
249-236-XXXX Ontario
249-237-XXXX Ontario
249-238-XXXX Ontario
249-239-XXXX Ontario
249-240-XXXX Ontario
249-251-XXXX Ontario
249-252-XXXX Ontario
249-253-XXXX Ontario
249-254-XXXX Ontario
249-255-XXXX Ontario
249-256-XXXX Ontario
249-257-XXXX Ontario
249-258-XXXX Ontario
249-259-XXXX Ontario
249-261-XXXX Ontario
249-262-XXXX Ontario
249-265-XXXX Ontario
249-266-XXXX Ontario
249-267-XXXX Ontario
249-268-XXXX Ontario
249-269-XXXX Ontario
249-290-XXXX Ontario
249-291-XXXX Ontario
249-299-XXXX Ontario
249-300-XXXX Ontario
249-301-XXXX Ontario
249-302-XXXX Ontario
249-303-XXXX Ontario
249-315-XXXX Ontario
249-317-XXXX Ontario
249-318-XXXX Ontario
249-319-XXXX Ontario
249-320-XXXX Ontario
249-321-XXXX Ontario
249-322-XXXX Ontario
249-323-XXXX Ontario
249-324-XXXX Ontario
249-325-XXXX Ontario
249-326-XXXX Ontario
249-327-XXXX Ontario
249-328-XXXX NORTH BAY, Ontario
249-329-XXXX Ontario
249-330-XXXX Ontario
249-331-XXXX Ontario
249-332-XXXX Ontario
249-333-XXXX Ontario
249-334-XXXX Ontario
249-335-XXXX Ontario
249-336-XXXX Ontario
249-337-XXXX Ontario
249-339-XXXX Ontario
249-340-XXXX Ontario
249-341-XXXX Ontario
249-342-XXXX Ontario
249-344-XXXX Ontario
249-345-XXXX Ontario
249-346-XXXX Ontario
249-349-XXXX Ontario
249-350-XXXX Ontario
249-351-XXXX Ontario
249-352-XXXX Ontario
249-355-XXXX Ontario
249-356-XXXX Ontario
249-357-XXXX PETERBOROUGH, Ontario
249-358-XXXX Ontario
249-359-XXXX BARRIE, Ontario
249-360-XXXX Ontario
249-361-XXXX Ontario
249-362-XXXX Ontario
249-377-XXXX SUDBURY, Ontario
249-383-XXXX Ontario
249-385-XXXX Ontario
249-400-XXXX Ontario
249-404-XXXX Ontario
249-431-XXXX Ontario
249-449-XXXX Ontario
249-490-XXXX Ontario
249-491-XXXX Ontario
249-492-XXXX Ontario
249-493-XXXX Ontario
249-494-XXXX Ontario
249-495-XXXX Ontario
249-496-XXXX Ontario
249-497-XXXX Ontario
249-498-XXXX Ontario
249-499-XXXX Ontario
249-500-XXXX Ontario
249-501-XXXX Ontario
249-502-XXXX Ontario
249-503-XXXX Ontario
249-504-XXXX Ontario
249-505-XXXX Ontario
249-506-XXXX Ontario
249-515-XXXX Ontario
249-525-XXXX SAULT STE MARIE, Ontario
249-535-XXXX BARRIE, Ontario
249-593-XXXX Ontario
249-594-XXXX Ontario
249-595-XXXX BARRIE, Ontario
249-596-XXXX Ontario
249-597-XXXX Ontario
249-598-XXXX Ontario
249-599-XXXX Ontario
249-600-XXXX Ontario
249-601-XXXX Ontario
249-602-XXXX Ontario
249-603-XXXX Ontario
249-604-XXXX Ontario
249-605-XXXX Ontario
249-606-XXXX Ontario
249-607-XXXX Ontario
249-608-XXXX Ontario
249-609-XXXX Ontario
249-699-XXXX Ontario
249-700-XXXX Ontario
249-701-XXXX Ontario
249-702-XXXX Ontario
249-746-XXXX Ontario
249-773-XXXX Ontario
249-774-XXXX Ontario
249-777-XXXX Ontario
249-800-XXXX Ontario
249-805-XXXX Ontario
249-806-XXXX Ontario
249-877-XXXX BARRIE, Ontario
249-878-XXXX Ontario
249-879-XXXX Ontario
249-888-XXXX Ontario
249-889-XXXX Ontario
249-901-XXXX Ontario
249-932-XXXX Ontario
249-933-XXXX Ontario
249-934-XXXX Ontario
249-938-XXXX Ontario
249-949-XXXX Ontario
249-957-XXXX Ontario
249-960-XXXX Ontario
249-961-XXXX Ontario
249-962-XXXX Ontario
249-963-XXXX Ontario
249-964-XXXX Ontario
249-965-XXXX Ontario
249-966-XXXX Ontario
249-967-XXXX Ontario
249-968-XXXX Ontario
249-974-XXXX Ontario
249-975-XXXX Ontario
249-977-XXXX Ontario
249-979-XXXX Ontario
249-982-XXXX Ontario
249-983-XXXX Ontario
249-988-XXXX Ontario
249-989-XXXX Ontario
249-990-XXXX Ontario
249-991-XXXX Ontario
249-992-XXXX Ontario
249-993-XXXX Ontario
249-994-XXXX Ontario
249-995-XXXX Ontario
249-996-XXXX Ontario
249-997-XXXX Ontario
249-998-XXXX Ontario
249-999-XXXX Ontario