253-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Washington, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 253. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Washington. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
253-200-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-201-XXXX Washington
253-202-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-203-XXXX Tukwila, Washington
253-204-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-205-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-206-XXXX Washington
253-207-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-208-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-209-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-210-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-211-XXXX Washington
253-212-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-213-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-214-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-215-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-216-XXXX Tukwila, Washington
253-217-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-218-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-219-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-220-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-221-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-222-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-223-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-224-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-225-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-226-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-227-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-228-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-229-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-230-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-231-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-232-XXXX Bothell, Washington
253-233-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-234-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-235-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-236-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-237-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-238-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-239-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-240-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-241-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-242-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-243-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-244-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-245-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-246-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-248-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-249-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-250-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-251-XXXX SEATTLE, Washington
253-252-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-253-XXXX Washington
253-254-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-255-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-256-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-257-XXXX Washington
253-258-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-259-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-260-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-261-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-262-XXXX Eatonville, Washington
253-263-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-265-XXXX ARLETTA, Washington
253-266-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-267-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-268-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-269-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-270-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-271-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-272-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-273-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-274-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-275-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-276-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-277-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-278-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-279-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-280-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-282-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-283-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-284-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-285-XXXX Washington
253-286-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-287-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-288-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-289-XXXX Washington
253-290-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-291-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-292-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-293-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-295-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-297-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-298-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-299-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-300-XXXX Washington
253-301-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-302-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-303-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-304-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-305-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-306-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-307-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-309-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-310-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-311-XXXX Washington
253-312-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-313-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-314-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-315-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-318-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-320-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-321-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-322-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-323-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-324-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-326-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-327-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-328-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-329-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-330-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-331-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-332-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-333-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-334-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-335-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-336-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-341-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-343-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-344-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-345-XXXX Tukwila, Washington
253-347-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-348-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-350-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-351-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-353-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-355-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-358-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-359-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-360-XXXX Washington
253-363-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-365-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-369-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-370-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-371-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-372-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-373-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-375-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-376-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-377-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-380-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-381-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-382-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-383-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-387-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-389-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-390-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-391-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-392-XXXX Washington
253-394-XXXX Tukwila, Washington
253-395-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-396-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-397-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-398-XXXX Kirkland, Washington
253-399-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-403-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-404-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-405-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-409-XXXX Washington
253-411-XXXX Washington
253-414-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-415-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-416-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-423-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-425-XXXX Washington
253-426-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-428-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-431-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-432-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-433-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-435-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-437-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-439-XXXX Kirkland, Washington
253-441-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-442-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-444-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-445-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-446-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-447-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-448-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-449-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-455-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-457-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-458-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-459-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-460-XXXX University Place, Washington
253-461-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-465-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-466-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-468-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-470-XXXX Tukwila, Washington
253-471-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-472-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-473-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-474-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-475-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-476-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-477-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-478-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-479-XXXX SEATTLE, Washington
253-480-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-484-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-486-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-487-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-495-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-498-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-499-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-501-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-502-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-503-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-507-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-508-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-509-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-511-XXXX Washington
253-512-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-514-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-517-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-518-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-520-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-528-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-529-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-530-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-531-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-533-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-534-XXXX University Place, Washington
253-535-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-536-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-537-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-538-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-539-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-540-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-541-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-545-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-548-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-549-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-550-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-552-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-555-XXXX Washington
253-559-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-561-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-563-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-564-XXXX University Place, Washington
253-565-XXXX University Place, Washington
253-566-XXXX University Place, Washington
253-568-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-569-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-571-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-572-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-573-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-576-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-579-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-581-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-582-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-583-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-584-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-588-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-589-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-590-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-591-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-592-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-593-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-594-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-595-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-596-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-597-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-604-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-606-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-611-XXXX Washington
253-617-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-620-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-625-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-627-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-630-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-631-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-632-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-638-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-639-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-640-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-642-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-645-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-648-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-649-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-650-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-651-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-652-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-653-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-655-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-656-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-657-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-660-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-661-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-663-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-666-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-669-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-670-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-671-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-677-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-678-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-679-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-680-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-681-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-682-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-683-XXXX Eatonville, Washington
253-686-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-687-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-691-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-692-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-693-XXXX Eatonville, Washington
253-697-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-700-XXXX Washington
253-709-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-711-XXXX Washington
253-719-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-720-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-722-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-732-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-733-XXXX Kirkland, Washington
253-735-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-736-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-737-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-740-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-750-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-751-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-752-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-753-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-754-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-756-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-759-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-761-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-765-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-766-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-770-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-773-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-777-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-778-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-779-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-780-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-785-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-792-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-793-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-796-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-797-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-798-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-799-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-802-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-804-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-811-XXXX Washington
253-813-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-815-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-820-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-826-XXXX Sumner, Washington
253-830-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-831-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-833-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-835-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-838-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-839-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-840-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-841-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-843-XXXX Washington
253-844-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-845-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-846-XXXX GRAHAM, Washington
253-847-XXXX GRAHAM, Washington
253-848-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-850-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-851-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-852-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-853-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-854-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-856-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-857-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-858-XXXX GIG HARBOR, Washington
253-859-XXXX KENT, Washington
253-861-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-862-XXXX Bonney Lake, Washington
253-863-XXXX Sumner, Washington
253-864-XXXX Puyallup, Washington
253-867-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-872-XXXX Kent, Washington
253-874-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-875-XXXX GRAHAM, Washington
253-876-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-878-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-879-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-880-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-881-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-882-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-883-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-884-XXXX LAKEBAY, Washington
253-886-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-887-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-888-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-891-XXXX Sumner, Washington
253-893-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-896-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-903-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-904-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-905-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-906-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-911-XXXX Washington
253-912-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-921-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-922-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-924-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-925-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-926-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-927-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-928-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-929-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-931-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-934-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-939-XXXX Auburn, Washington
253-941-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-942-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-943-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-944-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-945-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-946-XXXX Federal Way, Washington
253-948-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-950-XXXX Washington
253-951-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-952-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-954-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-958-XXXX Washington
253-959-XXXX Washington
253-961-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-964-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-966-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-967-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-968-XXXX TACOMA, Washington
253-970-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-973-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-976-XXXX Washington
253-981-XXXX TUKWILA, Washington
253-982-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-983-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-984-XXXX Tacoma, Washington
253-985-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-987-XXXX Seattle, Washington
253-988-XXXX Redmond, Washington
253-993-XXXX Washington
253-999-XXXX Washington