254-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Texas, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 254. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Texas. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
254-200-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-201-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-202-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-203-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-204-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-205-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-206-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-207-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-208-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-209-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-210-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-211-XXXX Texas
254-212-XXXX Carrollton, Texas
254-213-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-214-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-215-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-216-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-217-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-218-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-219-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-220-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-221-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-222-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-223-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-224-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-225-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-226-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-227-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-228-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-229-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-230-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-231-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-232-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-233-XXXX STRAWN, Texas
254-234-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-235-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-236-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-237-XXXX Mexia, Texas
254-238-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-239-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-240-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-241-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-242-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-243-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-244-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-245-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-246-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-247-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-248-XXXX Gatesville, Texas
254-249-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-250-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-251-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-252-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-253-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-254-XXXX Texas
254-255-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-256-XXXX Texas
254-257-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-258-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-259-XXXX MAY, Texas
254-260-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-261-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-262-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-263-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-264-XXXX MARLIN, Texas
254-265-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-266-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-267-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-268-XXXX CROSS PLAINS, Texas
254-269-XXXX GLEN ROSE, Texas
254-270-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-271-XXXX Texas
254-272-XXXX Texas
254-273-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-274-XXXX Texas
254-275-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-276-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-277-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-278-XXXX Texas
254-279-XXXX Texas
254-280-XXXX Texas
254-281-XXXX Texas
254-282-XXXX Texas
254-283-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-284-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-285-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-286-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-287-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-288-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-289-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-290-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-291-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-292-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-293-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-294-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-295-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-296-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-297-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-298-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-299-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-300-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-301-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-302-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-303-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-304-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-305-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-306-XXXX Texas
254-307-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-308-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-309-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-310-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-311-XXXX Texas
254-312-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-313-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-314-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-315-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-316-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-317-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-318-XXXX Texas
254-319-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-320-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-321-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-322-XXXX Texas
254-323-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-324-XXXX Cleburne, Texas
254-325-XXXX Texas
254-326-XXXX Clifton, Texas
254-327-XXXX Texas
254-328-XXXX Texas
254-329-XXXX Texas
254-330-XXXX HUBBARD, Texas
254-331-XXXX RIESEL, Texas
254-332-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-333-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-334-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-335-XXXX Texas
254-336-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-337-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-338-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-339-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-340-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-341-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-342-XXXX Texas
254-344-XXXX PRAIRIE HILL, Texas
254-347-XXXX Texas
254-349-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-350-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-351-XXXX Texas
254-352-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-353-XXXX SANDY, Texas
254-355-XXXX Cleburne, Texas
254-359-XXXX DONIE, Texas
254-360-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-361-XXXX Texas
254-364-XXXX IREDELL, Texas
254-366-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-368-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-371-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-372-XXXX POTTSVILLE, Texas
254-374-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-375-XXXX KOSSE, Texas
254-376-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-377-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-378-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-379-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-380-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-381-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-382-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-383-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-384-XXXX VALLEY MILLS, Texas
254-385-XXXX THORNTON, Texas
254-386-XXXX Hamilton, Texas
254-387-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-388-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-392-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-393-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-394-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-395-XXXX TEHUACANA, Texas
254-396-XXXX Carrollton, Texas
254-398-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-399-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-400-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-401-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-402-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-404-XXXX Gatesville, Texas
254-405-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-406-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-407-XXXX ROGERS, Texas
254-409-XXXX Texas
254-410-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-411-XXXX Texas
254-412-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-413-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-414-XXXX LOTT, Texas
254-415-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-417-XXXX Texas
254-420-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-421-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-422-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-423-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-424-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-426-XXXX MARLIN, Texas
254-430-XXXX Texas
254-431-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-432-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-433-XXXX Carrollton, Texas
254-434-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-435-XXXX MERIDIAN, Texas
254-436-XXXX Carrollton, Texas
254-442-XXXX Cisco, Texas
254-443-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-444-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-445-XXXX Dublin, Texas
254-446-XXXX Texas
254-447-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-449-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-455-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-456-XXXX OGLESBY, Texas
254-458-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-459-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-460-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-462-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-463-XXXX JONESBORO, Texas
254-466-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-469-XXXX Texas
254-470-XXXX OGLESBY, Texas
254-471-XXXX EVANT, Texas
254-472-XXXX Mexia, Texas
254-479-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-482-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-485-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-486-XXXX CRAWFORD, Texas
254-487-XXXX FLAT, Texas
254-488-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-492-XXXX Cleburne, Texas
254-493-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-495-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-496-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-498-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-499-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-501-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-506-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-511-XXXX Texas
254-512-XXXX Texas
254-519-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-520-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-523-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-526-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-527-XXXX BARTLETT, Texas
254-530-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-531-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-532-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-533-XXXX MALONE, Texas
254-534-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-535-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-537-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-539-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-541-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-543-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-546-XXXX CHILTON, Texas
254-548-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-549-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-552-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-553-XXXX FORT HOOD, Texas
254-554-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-555-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-562-XXXX Mexia, Texas
254-563-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-572-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-576-XXXX HUBBARD, Texas
254-577-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-578-XXXX DAWSON, Texas
254-579-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-580-XXXX HILLSBORO, Texas
254-582-XXXX HILLSBORO, Texas
254-583-XXXX ROSEBUD, Texas
254-584-XXXX LOTT, Texas
254-587-XXXX REAGAN, Texas
254-589-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-592-XXXX Fort Worth, Texas
254-593-XXXX BUCKHOLTS, Texas
254-595-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-596-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-598-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-602-XXXX HILLSBORO, Texas
254-605-XXXX Cameron, Texas
254-611-XXXX Texas
254-613-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-615-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-616-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-618-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-622-XXXX Texas
254-623-XXXX BYNUM, Texas
254-624-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-625-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-626-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-627-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-628-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-629-XXXX Eastland, Texas
254-630-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-631-XXXX Eastland, Texas
254-632-XXXX BRANDON, Texas
254-633-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-634-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-635-XXXX MORGAN, Texas
254-637-XXXX MOUNT CALM, Texas
254-638-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-639-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-640-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-641-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-642-XXXX ROGERS, Texas
254-643-XXXX RISING STAR, Texas
254-644-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-645-XXXX MARLIN, Texas
254-646-XXXX LIPAN, Texas
254-647-XXXX Ranger, Texas
254-651-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-652-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-653-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-654-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-655-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-657-XXXX HOLLAND, Texas
254-659-XXXX HILLSBORO, Texas
254-661-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-662-XXXX Robinson, Texas
254-663-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-666-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-669-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-672-XXXX STRAWN, Texas
254-673-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-675-XXXX Clifton, Texas
254-676-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-677-XXXX Cleburne, Texas
254-678-XXXX IRENE, Texas
254-679-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-680-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-681-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-682-XXXX Texas
254-687-XXXX Itasca, Texas
254-688-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-690-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-693-XXXX GORDON, Texas
254-694-XXXX WHITNEY, Texas
254-697-XXXX Cameron, Texas
254-698-XXXX NOLANVILLE, Texas
254-699-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-700-XXXX Texas
254-701-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-702-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-707-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-708-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-709-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-710-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-711-XXXX Texas
254-713-XXXX Texas
254-714-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-715-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-716-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-717-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-718-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-719-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-720-XXXX Texas
254-721-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-722-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-723-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-724-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-725-XXXX CROSS PLAINS, Texas
254-727-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-728-XXXX LIPAN, Texas
254-729-XXXX Groesbeck, Texas
254-730-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-731-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-732-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-733-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-734-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-735-XXXX Richardson, Texas
254-736-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-739-XXXX TEAGUE, Texas
254-741-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-742-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-743-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-744-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-745-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-746-XXXX BREMOND, Texas
254-747-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-749-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-750-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-751-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-752-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-753-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-754-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-755-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-756-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-757-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-758-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-759-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-760-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-761-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-762-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-764-XXXX ALEXANDER, Texas
254-765-XXXX WORTHAM, Texas
254-768-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-770-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-771-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-772-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-773-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-774-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-776-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-777-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-778-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-780-XXXX LAKE BELTON, Texas
254-781-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-784-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-785-XXXX CARLTON, Texas
254-786-XXXX COOLIDGE, Texas
254-789-XXXX BEN HUR, Texas
254-791-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-793-XXXX FLORENCE, Texas
254-795-XXXX Texas
254-796-XXXX HICO, Texas
254-799-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-800-XXXX Texas
254-803-XXXX Marlin, Texas
254-804-XXXX Marlin, Texas
254-806-XXXX Texas
254-808-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-811-XXXX Texas
254-813-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-817-XXXX Texas
254-822-XXXX ELM MOTT, Texas
254-823-XXXX PALUXY, Texas
254-824-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-826-XXXX West, Texas
254-829-XXXX ELM MOTT, Texas
254-830-XXXX Texas
254-831-XXXX Texas
254-832-XXXX Texas
254-833-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-834-XXXX TOLAR, Texas
254-835-XXXX TOLAR, Texas
254-840-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-842-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-845-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-848-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-852-XXXX Cleburne, Texas
254-853-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-854-XXXX COVINGTON, Texas
254-855-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-856-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-857-XXXX LORENA, Texas
254-859-XXXX EDDY, Texas
254-863-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-865-XXXX Gatesville, Texas
254-867-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-869-XXXX BURLINGTON, Texas
254-870-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-871-XXXX CLIFTON, Texas
254-874-XXXX BLUM, Texas
254-875-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-876-XXXX WACO, Texas
254-879-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-881-XXXX Robinson, Texas
254-883-XXXX Marlin, Texas
254-888-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-889-XXXX KOPPERL, Texas
254-892-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-893-XXXX De Leon, Texas
254-896-XXXX RIESEL, Texas
254-897-XXXX GLEN ROSE, Texas
254-898-XXXX GLEN ROSE, Texas
254-899-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-902-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-903-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-911-XXXX Texas
254-913-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-915-XXXX Texas
254-918-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-931-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-932-XXXX VALLEY MILLS, Texas
254-933-XXXX Belton, Texas
254-934-XXXX VALLEY MILLS, Texas
254-935-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-936-XXXX Texas
254-938-XXXX TROY, Texas
254-939-XXXX Belton, Texas
254-940-XXXX Texas
254-945-XXXX MOSHEIM, Texas
254-946-XXXX Dallas, Texas
254-947-XXXX SALADO, Texas
254-950-XXXX Texas
254-953-XXXX Killeen, Texas
254-956-XXXX Texas
254-958-XXXX Texas
254-959-XXXX Texas
254-964-XXXX Texas
254-965-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-967-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-968-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-970-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-972-XXXX Texas
254-974-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-976-XXXX Texas
254-977-XXXX Stephenville, Texas
254-978-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-979-XXXX Euless, Texas
254-981-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-982-XXXX Temple, Texas
254-984-XXXX OENAVILLE, Texas
254-986-XXXX MOFFAT, Texas
254-987-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-988-XXXX ROSEBUD, Texas
254-993-XXXX MOUNT CALM, Texas
254-994-XXXX Waco, Texas
254-998-XXXX Carrollton, Texas
254-999-XXXX Dallas, Texas