276-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Virginia, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 276. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Virginia. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
276-200-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-201-XXXX Virginia
276-202-XXXX RICHLANDS, Virginia
276-203-XXXX KINGSPORT, Virginia
276-204-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-205-XXXX GATE CITY, Virginia
276-206-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-207-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-209-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-210-XXXX Richlands, Virginia
276-211-XXXX Virginia
276-212-XXXX Virginia
276-214-XXXX Virginia
276-215-XXXX Virginia
276-216-XXXX Virginia
276-217-XXXX MARION, Virginia
276-218-XXXX HAYSI, Virginia
276-219-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-220-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-221-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-222-XXXX Floyd, Virginia
276-223-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-224-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-225-XXXX KINGSPORT, Virginia
276-226-XXXX Waynesboro, Virginia
276-227-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-228-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-229-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-232-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-233-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-235-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-236-XXXX Galax, Virginia
276-237-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-238-XXXX Galax, Virginia
276-239-XXXX Waynesboro, Virginia
276-243-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-244-XXXX GRUNDY, Virginia
276-245-XXXX RICHLANDS, Virginia
276-250-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-251-XXXX ARARAT, Virginia
276-252-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-254-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-258-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-259-XXXX DWIGHT, Virginia
276-262-XXXX SALTVILLE, Virginia
276-263-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-265-XXXX Virginia
276-266-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-274-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-275-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-276-XXXX Virginia
276-277-XXXX Virginia
276-278-XXXX INDEPENDENCE, Virginia
276-281-XXXX Galax, Virginia
276-284-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-285-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-288-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-292-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-293-XXXX Galax, Virginia
276-296-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-298-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-299-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-302-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-304-XXXX Virginia
276-311-XXXX Virginia
276-312-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-313-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-318-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-321-XXXX WISE, Virginia
276-322-XXXX BLUEFIELD, Virginia
276-323-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-325-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-326-XXXX BLUEFIELD, Virginia
276-328-XXXX WISE, Virginia
276-329-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-335-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-336-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-337-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-340-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-345-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-346-XXXX JONESVILLE, Virginia
276-352-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-356-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-358-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-365-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-376-XXXX WISE, Virginia
276-378-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-383-XXXX ST CHARLES, Virginia
276-385-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-386-XXXX GATE CITY, Virginia
276-388-XXXX KONNAROCK, Virginia
276-389-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-393-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-395-XXXX COEBURN, Virginia
276-398-XXXX LAUREL FORK, Virginia
276-403-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-409-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-411-XXXX Virginia
276-415-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-421-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-423-XXXX Virginia
276-429-XXXX GLADE SPRING, Virginia
276-431-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-433-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-434-XXXX Virginia
276-437-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-439-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-445-XXXX ROSE HILL, Virginia
276-447-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-449-XXXX LEBANON, Virginia
276-451-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-452-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-455-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-466-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-467-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-469-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-472-XXXX BURKES GARDEN, Virginia
276-475-XXXX DAMASCUS, Virginia
276-477-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-479-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-484-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-492-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-494-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-495-XXXX DANTE, Virginia
276-496-XXXX SALTVILLE, Virginia
276-498-XXXX OAKWOOD, Virginia
276-511-XXXX Virginia
276-521-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-522-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-523-XXXX Big Stone Gap, Virginia
276-524-XXXX Big Stone Gap, Virginia
276-525-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-528-XXXX GRUNDY, Virginia
276-530-XXXX BIG ROCK, Virginia
276-531-XXXX MAXIE, Virginia
276-533-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-540-XXXX Virginia
276-546-XXXX Pennington Gap, Virginia
276-555-XXXX Virginia
276-565-XXXX APPALACHIA, Virginia
276-566-XXXX HURLEY, Virginia
276-571-XXXX Virginia
276-578-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-579-XXXX MOUTH OF WILSON, Virginia
276-582-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-591-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-594-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-595-XXXX MAX MEADOWS, Virginia
276-596-XXXX Richlands, Virginia
276-597-XXXX BIG PRATER, Virginia
276-598-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-601-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-606-XXXX Virginia
276-608-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-611-XXXX Virginia
276-613-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-614-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-617-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-618-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-619-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-620-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-621-XXXX CRIPPLE CREEK, Virginia
276-622-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-623-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-624-XXXX RICH VALLEY, Virginia
276-625-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-627-XXXX BASSETT, Virginia
276-628-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-629-XXXX BASSETT, Virginia
276-632-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-633-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-634-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-637-XXXX MAX MEADOWS, Virginia
276-638-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-639-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-642-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-644-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-645-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-646-XXXX CHILHOWIE, Virginia
276-647-XXXX COLLINSVILLE, Virginia
276-650-XXXX AXTON, Virginia
276-655-XXXX COMERS ROCK, Virginia
276-656-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-663-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-664-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-666-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-669-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-670-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-673-XXXX FIELDALE, Virginia
276-676-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-677-XXXX SUGAR GROVE, Virginia
276-679-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-681-XXXX FIELDALE, Virginia
276-682-XXXX CERES, Virginia
276-685-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-686-XXXX RURAL RETREAT, Virginia
276-688-XXXX BLAND, Virginia
276-690-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-692-XXXX ROCKY MOUNT, Virginia
276-693-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-694-XXXX STUART, Virginia
276-695-XXXX MEADOWVIEW, Virginia
276-696-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-698-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-699-XXXX AUSTINVILLE, Virginia
276-700-XXXX Virginia
276-701-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
276-703-XXXX Virginia
276-706-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-708-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-711-XXXX Virginia
276-714-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-722-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
276-724-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-728-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-730-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-732-XXXX MARTINSVILLE, Virginia
276-733-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-734-XXXX MARTINSVILLE, Virginia
276-739-XXXX Abingdon, Virginia
276-744-XXXX FRIES, Virginia
276-754-XXXX Wytheville, Virginia
276-755-XXXX CANA, Virginia
276-757-XXXX Virginia
276-759-XXXX Johnson City, Virginia
276-762-XXXX ST PAUL, Virginia
276-764-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-766-XXXX SYLVATUS, Virginia
276-768-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-773-XXXX INDEPENDENCE, Virginia
276-777-XXXX Virginia
276-779-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-780-XXXX HILLSVILLE, Virginia
276-781-XXXX Marion, Virginia
276-782-XXXX Marion, Virginia
276-783-XXXX Marion, Virginia
276-790-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-791-XXXX Bristol, Virginia
276-796-XXXX POUND, Virginia
276-804-XXXX Virginia
276-806-XXXX Martinsville, Virginia
276-807-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-811-XXXX Virginia
276-821-XXXX Blountville, Virginia
276-832-XXXX Roanoke, Virginia
276-833-XXXX Rocky Mount, Virginia
276-835-XXXX CLINCHO, Virginia
276-859-XXXX DAVENPORT, Virginia
276-861-XXXX ROSE HILL, Virginia
276-865-XXXX HAYSI, Virginia
276-870-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-873-XXXX HONAKER, Virginia
276-880-XXXX LEBANON, Virginia
276-881-XXXX JEWELL RIDGE, Virginia
276-883-XXXX LEBANON, Virginia
276-885-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-889-XXXX LEBANON, Virginia
276-911-XXXX Virginia
276-920-XXXX WYTHEVILLE, Virginia
276-926-XXXX CLINTWOOD, Virginia
276-928-XXXX ROCKY GAP, Virginia
276-930-XXXX WOOLWINE, Virginia
276-934-XXXX SPENCER, Virginia
276-935-XXXX GRUNDY, Virginia
276-940-XXXX Gate City, Virginia
276-944-XXXX MEADOWVIEW, Virginia
276-945-XXXX POCAHONTAS, Virginia
276-950-XXXX Virginia
276-952-XXXX MEADOWS OF DAN, Virginia
276-954-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-956-XXXX RIDGEWAY, Virginia
276-957-XXXX SPENCER, Virginia
276-958-XXXX Virginia
276-959-XXXX Virginia
276-963-XXXX Richlands, Virginia
276-964-XXXX Richlands, Virginia
276-970-XXXX Bluefield, Virginia
276-971-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
276-973-XXXX NORTON, Virginia
276-976-XXXX Virginia
276-979-XXXX Tazewell, Virginia
276-988-XXXX Tazewell, Virginia
276-991-XXXX LEBANON, Virginia
276-995-XXXX Gate City, Virginia