325-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Texas, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 325. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Texas. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
325-200-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-201-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-202-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-203-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-204-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-205-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-206-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-207-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-208-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-209-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-210-XXXX Texas
325-211-XXXX Texas
325-212-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-213-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-214-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-215-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-216-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-217-XXXX BROWNWOOD, Texas
325-218-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-219-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-220-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-221-XXXX Texas
325-222-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-223-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-224-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-225-XXXX Texas
325-226-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-227-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-228-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-229-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-230-XXXX Texas
325-231-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-232-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-233-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-234-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-235-XXXX SWEETWATER, Texas
325-236-XXXX SWEETWATER, Texas
325-237-XXXX Texas
325-238-XXXX Texas
325-239-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-240-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-241-XXXX Texas
325-242-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-243-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-245-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-246-XXXX Texas
325-247-XXXX LLANO, Texas
325-248-XXXX LLANO, Texas
325-250-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-251-XXXX PONTOTOC, Texas
325-254-XXXX Texas
325-255-XXXX CHRISTOVAL, Texas
325-256-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-257-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-258-XXXX KATEMCY, Texas
325-259-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-260-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-261-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-262-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-263-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-264-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-265-XXXX STREETER, Texas
325-267-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-268-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-269-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-270-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-271-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-272-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-275-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-276-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-277-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-278-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-279-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-280-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-281-XXXX Texas
325-282-XXXX BLACKWELL, Texas
325-284-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-286-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-288-XXXX MARYNEAL, Texas
325-294-XXXX COMFORT, Texas
325-300-XXXX Amarillo, Texas
325-301-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-302-XXXX Texas
325-304-XXXX Texas
325-305-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-307-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-308-XXXX Texas
325-309-XXXX Texas
325-311-XXXX Texas
325-312-XXXX Texas
325-313-XXXX Texas
325-315-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-320-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-325-XXXX Texas
325-330-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-333-XXXX Amarillo, Texas
325-338-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-340-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-344-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-347-XXXX MASON, Texas
325-348-XXXX SANTA ANNA, Texas
325-356-XXXX COMANCHE, Texas
325-357-XXXX MOZELLE, Texas
325-361-XXXX Texas
325-365-XXXX Ballinger, Texas
325-370-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-372-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-374-XXXX Lubbock, Texas
325-379-XXXX TOW, Texas
325-382-XXXX LAKE COLEMAN, Texas
325-386-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-387-XXXX Sonora, Texas
325-388-XXXX KINGSLAND, Texas
325-392-XXXX OZONA, Texas
325-396-XXXX MENARD, Texas
325-400-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-409-XXXX Texas
325-411-XXXX Texas
325-413-XXXX Texas
325-422-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-423-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-428-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-429-XXXX FREDONIA, Texas
325-430-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-431-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-432-XXXX Texas
325-436-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-437-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-439-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-442-XXXX ROWENA, Texas
325-444-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-446-XXXX Junction, Texas
325-450-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-451-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-452-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-453-XXXX ROBERT LEE, Texas
325-455-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-456-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-463-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-465-XXXX CARLSBAD, Texas
325-468-XXXX MILES, Texas
325-469-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-473-XXXX BRONTE, Texas
325-475-XXXX LONDON, Texas
325-480-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-481-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-482-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-483-XXXX LOHN, Texas
325-484-XXXX WATER VALLEY, Texas
325-486-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-500-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-510-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-511-XXXX Texas
325-512-XXXX Texas
325-513-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-514-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-515-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-518-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-529-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-537-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-548-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-554-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-555-XXXX El Paso, Texas
325-572-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-573-XXXX Snyder, Texas
325-574-XXXX Snyder, Texas
325-575-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-576-XXXX Hamlin, Texas
325-583-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-597-XXXX Brady, Texas
325-600-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-603-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-611-XXXX Texas
325-617-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-622-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-623-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-624-XXXX SANTA ANNA, Texas
325-625-XXXX COLEMAN, Texas
325-627-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-628-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-632-XXXX MERTZON, Texas
325-636-XXXX VALERA, Texas
325-641-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-642-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-643-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-644-XXXX WESTBROOK, Texas
325-646-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-647-XXXX BROWNWOOD, Texas
325-649-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-650-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-651-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-653-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-654-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-655-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-656-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-657-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-658-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-659-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-660-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-661-XXXX Texas
325-662-XXXX PUTNAM, Texas
325-665-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-667-XXXX GUSTINE, Texas
325-668-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-669-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-670-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-671-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-672-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-673-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-674-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-675-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-676-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-677-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-682-XXXX Texas
325-690-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-691-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-692-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-695-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-696-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-698-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-700-XXXX Texas
325-701-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-703-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-704-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-711-XXXX Texas
325-713-XXXX Texas
325-715-XXXX TOW, Texas
325-716-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-718-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-719-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-721-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-723-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-725-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-726-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-728-XXXX Colorado City, Texas
325-732-XXXX PAINT ROCK, Texas
325-733-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-734-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-735-XXXX Rotan, Texas
325-736-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-737-XXXX LORAINE, Texas
325-738-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-739-XXXX ZEPHYR, Texas
325-743-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-748-XXXX BLANKET, Texas
325-750-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-752-XXXX BANGS, Texas
325-754-XXXX WINTERS, Texas
325-757-XXXX Texas
325-762-XXXX Albany, Texas
325-763-XXXX SAN ANGELO, Texas
325-766-XXXX ROSCOE, Texas
325-767-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-773-XXXX Stamford, Texas
325-776-XXXX ROBY, Texas
325-777-XXXX Texas
325-785-XXXX ROCKWOOD, Texas
325-786-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-788-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-792-XXXX Brady, Texas
325-793-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-794-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-795-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-797-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-798-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-800-XXXX Brownwood, Texas
325-805-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-806-XXXX Texas
325-811-XXXX Texas
325-812-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-817-XXXX Texas
325-823-XXXX Anson, Texas
325-829-XXXX Lubbock, Texas
325-830-XXXX Texas
325-832-XXXX Texas
325-835-XXXX MERTZON, Texas
325-844-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-846-XXXX HAWLEY, Texas
325-853-XXXX ELDORADO, Texas
325-854-XXXX Baird, Texas
325-862-XXXX TRENT, Texas
325-863-XXXX HERMLEIGH, Texas
325-864-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-866-XXXX Snyder, Texas
325-868-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-869-XXXX EDEN, Texas
325-876-XXXX BARNHART, Texas
325-884-XXXX Big Lake, Texas
325-885-XXXX De Leon, Texas
325-888-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-893-XXXX Clyde, Texas
325-895-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-896-XXXX CHRISTOVAL, Texas
325-899-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-903-XXXX Texas
325-911-XXXX Texas
325-915-XXXX Texas
325-928-XXXX MERKEL, Texas
325-931-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-933-XXXX Abilene, Texas
325-936-XXXX ROSCOE, Texas
325-938-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-939-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-940-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-942-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-944-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-945-XXXX MORAN, Texas
325-946-XXXX Texas
325-947-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-948-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-949-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-950-XXXX Texas
325-956-XXXX BROWNWOOD, Texas
325-958-XXXX Texas
325-959-XXXX Texas
325-962-XXXX MCCAULLEY, Texas
325-966-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-970-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-972-XXXX Texas
325-976-XXXX Texas
325-977-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-979-XXXX Texas
325-985-XXXX BIG VALLEY, Texas
325-993-XXXX SYLVESTER, Texas
325-998-XXXX San Angelo, Texas
325-999-XXXX Texas