343-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Ontario, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 343. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Ontario. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
343-200-XXXX Ontario
343-201-XXXX Ontario
343-203-XXXX Ontario
343-204-XXXX Ontario
343-212-XXXX Ontario
343-213-XXXX Ontario
343-214-XXXX Ontario
343-215-XXXX Ontario
343-216-XXXX Ontario
343-217-XXXX Ontario
343-218-XXXX Ontario
343-219-XXXX Ontario
343-220-XXXX Ontario
343-221-XXXX Ontario
343-222-XXXX Ontario
343-225-XXXX Ontario
343-228-XXXX Ontario
343-229-XXXX Ontario
343-230-XXXX Ontario
343-231-XXXX Ontario
343-232-XXXX Ontario
343-233-XXXX Ontario
343-234-XXXX Ontario
343-235-XXXX Ontario
343-236-XXXX Ontario
343-237-XXXX Ontario
343-238-XXXX Ontario
343-239-XXXX Ontario
343-244-XXXX Ontario
343-261-XXXX BELLEVILLE, Ontario
343-262-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-263-XXXX BELLEVILLE, Ontario
343-264-XXXX Ontario
343-265-XXXX Ontario
343-266-XXXX Ontario
343-267-XXXX Ontario
343-268-XXXX Ontario
343-269-XXXX Ontario
343-270-XXXX Ontario
343-271-XXXX Ontario
343-272-XXXX Ontario
343-273-XXXX Ontario
343-285-XXXX Ontario
343-288-XXXX Ontario
343-290-XXXX Ontario
343-291-XXXX Ontario
343-292-XXXX Ontario
343-300-XXXX Ontario
343-301-XXXX Ontario
343-302-XXXX Ontario
343-303-XXXX Ontario
343-304-XXXX Ontario
343-305-XXXX Ontario
343-306-XXXX Ontario
343-307-XXXX Ontario
343-308-XXXX Ontario
343-309-XXXX Ontario
343-312-XXXX Ontario
343-317-XXXX Ontario
343-320-XXXX Ontario
343-327-XXXX BROCKVILLE, Ontario
343-330-XXXX Ontario
343-331-XXXX Ontario
343-333-XXXX Ontario
343-340-XXXX Ontario
343-341-XXXX Ontario
343-344-XXXX Ontario
343-345-XXXX Ontario
343-346-XXXX Ontario
343-355-XXXX Ontario
343-356-XXXX Ontario
343-357-XXXX Ontario
343-358-XXXX Ontario
343-359-XXXX Ontario
343-360-XXXX Ontario
343-361-XXXX Ontario
343-362-XXXX Ontario
343-363-XXXX KINGSTON, Ontario
343-364-XXXX KINGSTON, Ontario
343-369-XXXX Ontario
343-370-XXXX CORNWALL, Ontario
343-371-XXXX Ontario
343-372-XXXX Ontario
343-373-XXXX Ontario
343-374-XXXX Ontario
343-375-XXXX Ontario
343-376-XXXX Ontario
343-377-XXXX Ontario
343-378-XXXX Ontario
343-379-XXXX Ontario
343-380-XXXX Ontario
343-381-XXXX Ontario
343-382-XXXX Ontario
343-383-XXXX Ontario
343-384-XXXX Ontario
343-385-XXXX Ontario
343-386-XXXX Ontario
343-387-XXXX Ontario
343-388-XXXX Ontario
343-389-XXXX Ontario
343-390-XXXX Ontario
343-391-XXXX Ontario
343-392-XXXX Ontario
343-393-XXXX Ontario
343-394-XXXX Ontario
343-395-XXXX Ontario
343-396-XXXX Ontario
343-397-XXXX Ontario
343-398-XXXX Ontario
343-399-XXXX Ontario
343-400-XXXX PERTH, Ontario
343-401-XXXX BANCROFT, Ontario
343-402-XXXX PERTH, Ontario
343-417-XXXX Ontario
343-422-XXXX KINGSTON, Ontario
343-430-XXXX Ontario
343-431-XXXX Ontario
343-432-XXXX Ontario
343-433-XXXX Ontario
343-434-XXXX Ontario
343-435-XXXX Ontario
343-436-XXXX Ontario
343-437-XXXX Ontario
343-438-XXXX Ontario
343-439-XXXX Ontario
343-440-XXXX Ontario
343-441-XXXX Ontario
343-442-XXXX Ontario
343-443-XXXX Ontario
343-444-XXXX Ontario
343-445-XXXX Ontario
343-446-XXXX Ontario
343-447-XXXX Ontario
343-448-XXXX Ontario
343-449-XXXX Ontario
343-472-XXXX Ontario
343-473-XXXX Ontario
343-474-XXXX Ontario
343-475-XXXX Ontario
343-476-XXXX Ontario
343-477-XXXX Ontario
343-478-XXXX Ontario
343-479-XXXX Ontario
343-480-XXXX Ontario
343-481-XXXX Ontario
343-482-XXXX Ontario
343-483-XXXX Ontario
343-488-XXXX Ontario
343-490-XXXX Ontario
343-500-XXXX Ontario
343-503-XXXX Ontario
343-520-XXXX Ontario
343-521-XXXX Ontario
343-522-XXXX Ontario
343-523-XXXX Ontario
343-524-XXXX Ontario
343-525-XXXX Ontario
343-526-XXXX Ontario
343-527-XXXX Ontario
343-528-XXXX Ontario
343-529-XXXX Ontario
343-530-XXXX Ontario
343-531-XXXX Ontario
343-532-XXXX Ontario
343-533-XXXX Ontario
343-534-XXXX Ontario
343-535-XXXX Ontario
343-536-XXXX Ontario
343-537-XXXX Ontario
343-538-XXXX Ontario
343-539-XXXX Ontario
343-540-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-541-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-542-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-544-XXXX Ontario
343-545-XXXX Ontario
343-585-XXXX CORNWALL, Ontario
343-600-XXXX Ontario
343-601-XXXX Ontario
343-602-XXXX Ontario
343-603-XXXX Ontario
343-604-XXXX Ontario
343-605-XXXX Ontario
343-606-XXXX Ontario
343-607-XXXX Ontario
343-608-XXXX Ontario
343-609-XXXX Ontario
343-618-XXXX Ontario
343-619-XXXX Ontario
343-645-XXXX BELLEVILLE, Ontario
343-665-XXXX Ontario
343-666-XXXX Ontario
343-667-XXXX Ontario
343-688-XXXX Ontario
343-689-XXXX Ontario
343-690-XXXX Ontario
343-691-XXXX Ontario
343-700-XXXX Ontario
343-747-XXXX Ontario
343-748-XXXX Ontario
343-749-XXXX Ontario
343-750-XXXX Ontario
343-751-XXXX Ontario
343-752-XXXX Ontario
343-760-XXXX Ontario
343-761-XXXX Ontario
343-762-XXXX Ontario
343-763-XXXX Ontario
343-764-XXXX Ontario
343-765-XXXX Ontario
343-766-XXXX Ontario
343-767-XXXX Ontario
343-768-XXXX Ontario
343-769-XXXX Ontario
343-770-XXXX Ontario
343-771-XXXX Ontario
343-772-XXXX Ontario
343-773-XXXX Ontario
343-774-XXXX Ontario
343-775-XXXX Ontario
343-776-XXXX Ontario
343-777-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-778-XXXX Ontario
343-779-XXXX Ontario
343-780-XXXX Ontario
343-781-XXXX Ontario
343-783-XXXX Ontario
343-784-XXXX Ontario
343-785-XXXX Ontario
343-786-XXXX Ontario
343-787-XXXX Ontario
343-789-XXXX Ontario
343-800-XXXX Ontario
343-801-XXXX Ontario
343-803-XXXX Ontario
343-881-XXXX Ontario
343-882-XXXX Ontario
343-883-XXXX Ontario
343-884-XXXX Ontario
343-885-XXXX Ontario
343-886-XXXX Ontario
343-887-XXXX Ontario
343-888-XXXX Ontario
343-925-XXXX Ontario
343-943-XXXX Ontario
343-944-XXXX Ontario
343-982-XXXX Ontario
343-983-XXXX Ontario
343-987-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-988-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-989-XXXX Ontario
343-996-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-997-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-998-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario
343-999-XXXX OTTAWA, Ontario