365-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Ontario, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 365. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Ontario. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
365-200-XXXX Ontario
365-201-XXXX Ontario
365-202-XXXX Ontario
365-203-XXXX Ontario
365-204-XXXX Ontario
365-205-XXXX Ontario
365-206-XXXX Ontario
365-207-XXXX Ontario
365-208-XXXX Ontario
365-209-XXXX Ontario
365-217-XXXX Ontario
365-222-XXXX Ontario
365-225-XXXX Ontario
365-235-XXXX Ontario
365-236-XXXX Ontario
365-237-XXXX Ontario
365-238-XXXX Ontario
365-239-XXXX Ontario
365-240-XXXX Ontario
365-241-XXXX Ontario
365-245-XXXX Ontario
365-250-XXXX Ontario
365-251-XXXX Ontario
365-252-XXXX Ontario
365-255-XXXX Ontario
365-260-XXXX Ontario
365-265-XXXX Ontario
365-266-XXXX Ontario
365-275-XXXX AJAX PICKERING, Ontario
365-285-XXXX Ontario
365-295-XXXX Ontario
365-299-XXXX Ontario
365-300-XXXX Ontario
365-301-XXXX Ontario
365-302-XXXX Ontario
365-303-XXXX Ontario
365-304-XXXX Ontario
365-315-XXXX Ontario
365-317-XXXX Ontario
365-325-XXXX Ontario
365-326-XXXX Ontario
365-327-XXXX Ontario
365-328-XXXX Ontario
365-329-XXXX Ontario
365-330-XXXX Ontario
365-331-XXXX Ontario
365-332-XXXX Ontario
365-333-XXXX Ontario
365-335-XXXX Ontario
365-340-XXXX NEWMARKET, Ontario
365-345-XXXX Ontario
365-355-XXXX MILTON, Ontario
365-375-XXXX Ontario
365-383-XXXX ST CATHARINES, Ontario
365-385-XXXX Ontario
365-395-XXXX Ontario
365-400-XXXX Ontario
365-401-XXXX Ontario
365-402-XXXX Ontario
365-403-XXXX Ontario
365-404-XXXX Ontario
365-405-XXXX Ontario
365-406-XXXX Ontario
365-407-XXXX Ontario
365-408-XXXX Ontario
365-415-XXXX Ontario
365-417-XXXX Ontario
365-425-XXXX Ontario
365-435-XXXX Ontario
365-442-XXXX Ontario
365-443-XXXX Ontario
365-444-XXXX Ontario
365-445-XXXX Ontario
365-465-XXXX Ontario
365-475-XXXX Ontario
365-485-XXXX Ontario
365-495-XXXX Ontario
365-500-XXXX Ontario
365-501-XXXX Ontario
365-502-XXXX Ontario
365-503-XXXX Ontario
365-504-XXXX Ontario
365-505-XXXX Ontario
365-506-XXXX Ontario
365-507-XXXX Ontario
365-508-XXXX Ontario
365-509-XXXX Ontario
365-510-XXXX Ontario
365-512-XXXX Ontario
365-514-XXXX Ontario
365-515-XXXX Ontario
365-516-XXXX Ontario
365-520-XXXX Ontario
365-521-XXXX Ontario
365-522-XXXX Ontario
365-523-XXXX Ontario
365-525-XXXX Ontario
365-526-XXXX Ontario
365-527-XXXX Ontario
365-529-XXXX Ontario
365-535-XXXX Ontario
365-540-XXXX Ontario
365-545-XXXX Ontario
365-560-XXXX Ontario
365-565-XXXX Ontario
365-575-XXXX Ontario
365-599-XXXX Ontario
365-600-XXXX Ontario
365-601-XXXX Ontario
365-602-XXXX Ontario
365-603-XXXX Ontario
365-604-XXXX Ontario
365-649-XXXX Ontario
365-650-XXXX Ontario
365-651-XXXX Ontario
365-652-XXXX Ontario
365-653-XXXX Ontario
365-654-XXXX Ontario
365-655-XXXX Ontario
365-656-XXXX Ontario
365-657-XXXX Ontario
365-658-XXXX Ontario
365-659-XXXX Ontario
365-660-XXXX Ontario
365-665-XXXX Ontario
365-666-XXXX Ontario
365-667-XXXX Ontario
365-668-XXXX Ontario
365-695-XXXX Ontario
365-696-XXXX Ontario
365-697-XXXX Ontario
365-698-XXXX Ontario
365-699-XXXX Ontario
365-700-XXXX Ontario
365-701-XXXX Ontario
365-702-XXXX Ontario
365-703-XXXX Ontario
365-704-XXXX Ontario
365-706-XXXX Ontario
365-707-XXXX Ontario
365-708-XXXX Ontario
365-709-XXXX Ontario
365-710-XXXX Ontario
365-712-XXXX Ontario
365-713-XXXX Ontario
365-714-XXXX Ontario
365-715-XXXX Ontario
365-716-XXXX Ontario
365-717-XXXX Ontario
365-718-XXXX Ontario
365-719-XXXX Ontario
365-755-XXXX Ontario
365-765-XXXX Ontario
365-772-XXXX DUNNVILLE, Ontario
365-773-XXXX OAKVILLE, Ontario
365-775-XXXX Ontario
365-777-XXXX OAKVILLE, Ontario
365-778-XXXX OAKVILLE, Ontario
365-779-XXXX Ontario
365-800-XXXX Ontario
365-801-XXXX Ontario
365-802-XXXX Ontario
365-803-XXXX Ontario
365-804-XXXX Ontario
365-865-XXXX Ontario
365-873-XXXX Ontario
365-880-XXXX Ontario
365-882-XXXX NEWMARKET, Ontario
365-885-XXXX Ontario
365-886-XXXX Ontario
365-888-XXXX Ontario
365-889-XXXX HAMILTON, Ontario
365-900-XXXX Ontario
365-901-XXXX Ontario
365-955-XXXX Ontario
365-965-XXXX Ontario
365-997-XXXX Ontario
365-998-XXXX Ontario
365-999-XXXX BURLINGTON, Ontario