431-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Manitoba, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 431. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Manitoba. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
431-200-XXXX Manitoba
431-201-XXXX Manitoba
431-205-XXXX BLUMENORT, Manitoba
431-210-XXXX Manitoba
431-215-XXXX Manitoba
431-216-XXXX Manitoba
431-217-XXXX Manitoba
431-218-XXXX Manitoba
431-219-XXXX Manitoba
431-220-XXXX Manitoba
431-221-XXXX Manitoba
431-222-XXXX Manitoba
431-223-XXXX Manitoba
431-224-XXXX Manitoba
431-225-XXXX Manitoba
431-226-XXXX Manitoba
431-227-XXXX Manitoba
431-228-XXXX Manitoba
431-229-XXXX Manitoba
431-230-XXXX Manitoba
431-231-XXXX Manitoba
431-232-XXXX Manitoba
431-233-XXXX Manitoba
431-234-XXXX Manitoba
431-235-XXXX Manitoba
431-236-XXXX Manitoba
431-237-XXXX Manitoba
431-238-XXXX Manitoba
431-239-XXXX Manitoba
431-240-XXXX Manitoba
431-241-XXXX Manitoba
431-242-XXXX Manitoba
431-251-XXXX Manitoba
431-252-XXXX Manitoba
431-253-XXXX Manitoba
431-254-XXXX Manitoba
431-255-XXXX Manitoba
431-256-XXXX Manitoba
431-257-XXXX Manitoba
431-258-XXXX Manitoba
431-259-XXXX Manitoba
431-260-XXXX Manitoba
431-261-XXXX Manitoba
431-262-XXXX Manitoba
431-263-XXXX Manitoba
431-264-XXXX Manitoba
431-265-XXXX Manitoba
431-266-XXXX Manitoba
431-267-XXXX Manitoba
431-268-XXXX Manitoba
431-269-XXXX Manitoba
431-270-XXXX Manitoba
431-271-XXXX Manitoba
431-272-XXXX Manitoba
431-274-XXXX Manitoba
431-280-XXXX Manitoba
431-281-XXXX Manitoba
431-282-XXXX Manitoba
431-283-XXXX Manitoba
431-284-XXXX Manitoba
431-285-XXXX Manitoba
431-286-XXXX Manitoba
431-287-XXXX Manitoba
431-288-XXXX Manitoba
431-289-XXXX Manitoba
431-290-XXXX Manitoba
431-291-XXXX Manitoba
431-292-XXXX Manitoba
431-299-XXXX Manitoba
431-300-XXXX Manitoba
431-301-XXXX Manitoba
431-302-XXXX Manitoba
431-303-XXXX Manitoba
431-304-XXXX Manitoba
431-305-XXXX Manitoba
431-317-XXXX Manitoba
431-321-XXXX Manitoba
431-324-XXXX Manitoba
431-325-XXXX Manitoba
431-326-XXXX Manitoba
431-333-XXXX Manitoba
431-334-XXXX Manitoba
431-335-XXXX Manitoba
431-336-XXXX Manitoba
431-337-XXXX Manitoba
431-342-XXXX Manitoba
431-343-XXXX Manitoba
431-344-XXXX Manitoba
431-345-XXXX Manitoba
431-346-XXXX Manitoba
431-347-XXXX Manitoba
431-348-XXXX Manitoba
431-349-XXXX Manitoba
431-350-XXXX Manitoba
431-351-XXXX Manitoba
431-352-XXXX Manitoba
431-353-XXXX Manitoba
431-354-XXXX Manitoba
431-355-XXXX Manitoba
431-356-XXXX Manitoba
431-357-XXXX Manitoba
431-358-XXXX Manitoba
431-359-XXXX Manitoba
431-360-XXXX Manitoba
431-361-XXXX Manitoba
431-362-XXXX Manitoba
431-363-XXXX Manitoba
431-365-XXXX Manitoba
431-399-XXXX Manitoba
431-400-XXXX Manitoba
431-401-XXXX DAUPHIN, Manitoba
431-420-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-421-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-422-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-423-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-424-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-425-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-426-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-427-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-428-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-429-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-432-XXXX Manitoba
431-433-XXXX Manitoba
431-448-XXXX Manitoba
431-451-XXXX Manitoba
431-478-XXXX Manitoba
431-483-XXXX Manitoba
431-484-XXXX Manitoba
431-485-XXXX Manitoba
431-486-XXXX Manitoba
431-487-XXXX Manitoba
431-488-XXXX Manitoba
431-531-XXXX Manitoba
431-540-XXXX Manitoba
431-541-XXXX Manitoba
431-631-XXXX Manitoba
431-641-XXXX Manitoba
431-642-XXXX Manitoba
431-643-XXXX Manitoba
431-644-XXXX Manitoba
431-645-XXXX Manitoba
431-721-XXXX Manitoba
431-722-XXXX Manitoba
431-723-XXXX Manitoba
431-724-XXXX Manitoba
431-725-XXXX Manitoba
431-727-XXXX Manitoba
431-729-XXXX Manitoba
431-730-XXXX Manitoba
431-731-XXXX Manitoba
431-732-XXXX Manitoba
431-733-XXXX Manitoba
431-734-XXXX Manitoba
431-735-XXXX Manitoba
431-736-XXXX Manitoba
431-737-XXXX Manitoba
431-738-XXXX Manitoba
431-739-XXXX Manitoba
431-740-XXXX Manitoba
431-741-XXXX Manitoba
431-742-XXXX Manitoba
431-743-XXXX Manitoba
431-744-XXXX Manitoba
431-745-XXXX Manitoba
431-746-XXXX Manitoba
431-747-XXXX Manitoba
431-748-XXXX Manitoba
431-749-XXXX Manitoba
431-750-XXXX Manitoba
431-751-XXXX Manitoba
431-752-XXXX Manitoba
431-753-XXXX Manitoba
431-754-XXXX Manitoba
431-755-XXXX Manitoba
431-756-XXXX Manitoba
431-757-XXXX Manitoba
431-758-XXXX Manitoba
431-759-XXXX Manitoba
431-760-XXXX Manitoba
431-761-XXXX Manitoba
431-762-XXXX Manitoba
431-763-XXXX Manitoba
431-764-XXXX Manitoba
431-765-XXXX Manitoba
431-766-XXXX Manitoba
431-767-XXXX Manitoba
431-768-XXXX Manitoba
431-769-XXXX Manitoba
431-770-XXXX Manitoba
431-771-XXXX Manitoba
431-772-XXXX Manitoba
431-773-XXXX Manitoba
431-774-XXXX Manitoba
431-775-XXXX Manitoba
431-776-XXXX Manitoba
431-777-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-779-XXXX Manitoba
431-782-XXXX Manitoba
431-800-XXXX Manitoba
431-801-XXXX Manitoba
431-802-XXXX Manitoba
431-803-XXXX Manitoba
431-804-XXXX Manitoba
431-805-XXXX Manitoba
431-806-XXXX Manitoba
431-807-XXXX Manitoba
431-831-XXXX Manitoba
431-845-XXXX Manitoba
431-846-XXXX Manitoba
431-847-XXXX Manitoba
431-848-XXXX Manitoba
431-880-XXXX Manitoba
431-881-XXXX Manitoba
431-882-XXXX Manitoba
431-883-XXXX Manitoba
431-884-XXXX Manitoba
431-886-XXXX Manitoba
431-888-XXXX Manitoba
431-889-XXXX Manitoba
431-890-XXXX Manitoba
431-891-XXXX Manitoba
431-937-XXXX Manitoba
431-944-XXXX Manitoba
431-971-XXXX Manitoba
431-972-XXXX Manitoba
431-973-XXXX Manitoba
431-977-XXXX Manitoba
431-990-XXXX Manitoba
431-996-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-997-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-998-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba
431-999-XXXX WINNIPEG, Manitoba