434-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Virginia, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 434. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Virginia. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
434-200-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-201-XXXX Virginia
434-202-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-203-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-205-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-207-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-208-XXXX Emporia, Virginia
434-209-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-210-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-211-XXXX Virginia
434-212-XXXX SCOTTSVILLE, Virginia
434-213-XXXX RUSTBURG, Virginia
434-214-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-215-XXXX Virginia
434-218-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-219-XXXX Blairs, Virginia
434-220-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-221-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-222-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-223-XXXX HAMPDEN-SYDNEY, Virginia
434-224-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-225-XXXX Virginia
434-226-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-227-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-228-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-229-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-233-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-234-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-236-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-237-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-238-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-239-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-242-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-243-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-244-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-245-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-246-XXXX Stony Creek, Virginia
434-247-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-248-XXXX PAMPLIN, Virginia
434-249-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-250-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-251-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-252-XXXX EPPES FORK, Virginia
434-253-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-254-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-255-XXXX Virginia
434-256-XXXX Virginia
434-258-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-259-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-260-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-262-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-263-XXXX LOVINGSTON, Virginia
434-264-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-265-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-266-XXXX RUSTBURG, Virginia
434-270-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-272-XXXX South Boston, Virginia
434-275-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-276-XXXX Virginia
434-277-XXXX PINEY RIVER, Virginia
434-282-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-283-XXXX GLADYS, Virginia
434-284-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-285-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-286-XXXX SCOTTSVILLE, Virginia
434-288-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-289-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-290-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-292-XXXX Blackstone, Virginia
434-293-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-294-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-295-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-296-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-297-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-298-XXXX Blackstone, Virginia
434-299-XXXX BIG ISLAND, Virginia
434-302-XXXX Virginia
434-303-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-305-XXXX Waynesboro, Virginia
434-308-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-309-XXXX Altavista, Virginia
434-311-XXXX Virginia
434-315-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-316-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-319-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-321-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-322-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-324-XXXX GRETNA, Virginia
434-325-XXXX WINTERGREEN, Virginia
434-326-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-327-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-328-XXXX SCOTTSVILLE, Virginia
434-329-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-332-XXXX RUSTBURG, Virginia
434-333-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-334-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-335-XXXX RENAN, Virginia
434-336-XXXX Emporia, Virginia
434-337-XXXX Virginia
434-338-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-339-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-348-XXXX Emporia, Virginia
434-349-XXXX VOLENS, Virginia
434-352-XXXX APPOMATTOX, Virginia
434-361-XXXX NELLYSFORD, Virginia
434-362-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-363-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-365-XXXX Virginia
434-369-XXXX Altavista, Virginia
434-372-XXXX Chase City, Virginia
434-373-XXXX Waynesboro, Virginia
434-374-XXXX CLARKSVILLE, Virginia
434-376-XXXX BROOKNEAL, Virginia
434-378-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-381-XXXX AMHERST, Virginia
434-382-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-383-XXXX Virginia
434-384-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-385-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-386-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-390-XXXX FARMVILLE, Virginia
434-391-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-392-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-394-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-395-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-401-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-404-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-406-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-409-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-410-XXXX Virginia
434-411-XXXX Virginia
434-414-XXXX Farmville, Virginia
434-420-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-421-XXXX Waynesboro, Virginia
434-422-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-423-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-425-XXXX Virginia
434-426-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-429-XXXX Blairs, Virginia
434-430-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-432-XXXX CHATHAM, Virginia
434-433-XXXX CHATHAM, Virginia
434-434-XXXX Virginia
434-439-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-441-XXXX Blairs, Virginia
434-442-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-444-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-446-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-447-XXXX South Hill, Virginia
434-448-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-454-XXXX CLOVER, Virginia
434-455-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-460-XXXX ALBERTA, Virginia
434-465-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-466-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-470-XXXX SOUTH BOSTON, Virginia
434-471-XXXX SOUTH BOSTON, Virginia
434-473-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-476-XXXX HALIFAX, Virginia
434-477-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-478-XXXX Virginia
434-480-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-481-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-483-XXXX DANVILLE, Virginia
434-484-XXXX Virginia
434-485-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-489-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-495-XXXX VOLENS, Virginia
434-505-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-509-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-510-XXXX PALMYRA, Virginia
434-511-XXXX Virginia
434-512-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-515-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-517-XXXX South Boston, Virginia
434-522-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-525-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-528-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-529-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-531-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-532-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-533-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-534-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-535-XXXX JARRATT, Virginia
434-538-XXXX Crewe, Virginia
434-540-XXXX Virginia
434-544-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-546-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-547-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-548-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-549-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-555-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-563-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
434-566-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-568-XXXX DRAKES BRANCH, Virginia
434-569-XXXX FARMVILLE, Virginia
434-570-XXXX South Boston, Virginia
434-571-XXXX Virginia
434-572-XXXX South Boston, Virginia
434-574-XXXX PROSPECT, Virginia
434-575-XXXX South Boston, Virginia
434-577-XXXX SOUTH BRUNSWICK, Virginia
434-579-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-581-XXXX ARVONIA, Virginia
434-582-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-584-XXXX South Hill, Virginia
434-585-XXXX VIRGILINA, Virginia
434-589-XXXX PALMYRA, Virginia
434-591-XXXX PALMYRA, Virginia
434-592-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-594-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
434-602-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-603-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-604-XXXX PETERSBURG, Virginia
434-607-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-608-XXXX RUSTBURG, Virginia
434-609-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-610-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-611-XXXX Virginia
434-616-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-623-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-630-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-632-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
434-634-XXXX Emporia, Virginia
434-636-XXXX LACROSSE, Virginia
434-637-XXXX RICHMOND, Virginia
434-645-XXXX Crewe, Virginia
434-654-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-656-XXXX GRETNA, Virginia
434-658-XXXX CAPRON, Virginia
434-660-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-661-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-664-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-665-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-676-XXXX KENBRIDGE, Virginia
434-685-XXXX BACHESHALL, Virginia
434-688-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-689-XXXX SOUTH HILL, Virginia
434-694-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-695-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-696-XXXX VICTORIA, Virginia
434-700-XXXX Virginia
434-703-XXXX Virginia
434-709-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-710-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-711-XXXX Virginia
434-713-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-724-XXXX WHITMELL, Virginia
434-728-XXXX Blairs, Virginia
434-729-XXXX BRODNAX, Virginia
434-735-XXXX BARNESVILLE, Virginia
434-736-XXXX KEYSVILLE, Virginia
434-738-XXXX BOYDTON, Virginia
434-753-XXXX TURBEVILLE, Virginia
434-755-XXXX SOUTH HILL, Virginia
434-757-XXXX LA CROSSE, Virginia
434-760-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-766-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-767-XXXX BURKEVILLE, Virginia
434-770-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-771-XXXX Virginia
434-772-XXXX Virginia
434-773-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-774-XXXX South Hill, Virginia
434-777-XXXX Virginia
434-791-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-792-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-793-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-797-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-799-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-804-XXXX Virginia
434-806-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-808-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-811-XXXX Virginia
434-812-XXXX CROZET, Virginia
434-813-XXXX FORK UNION, Virginia
434-817-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-818-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-820-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-821-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-822-XXXX WESTOVER, Virginia
434-823-XXXX CROZET, Virginia
434-825-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-826-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-829-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-830-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-831-XXXX SCHUYLER, Virginia
434-832-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-835-XXXX DANVILLE, Virginia
434-836-XXXX DANVILLE, Virginia
434-838-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-841-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-842-XXXX FORK UNION, Virginia
434-845-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-846-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-847-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-848-XXXX Lawrenceville, Virginia
434-849-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-850-XXXX Danville, Virginia
434-851-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-856-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-857-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-865-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-867-XXXX Virginia
434-872-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-878-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-879-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-882-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-885-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-886-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-888-XXXX Virginia
434-906-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-907-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-911-XXXX Virginia
434-917-XXXX Richmond, Virginia
434-919-XXXX Virginia
434-922-XXXX ALLWOOD, Virginia
434-923-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-924-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-927-XXXX SANDY LEVEL, Virginia
434-929-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-933-XXXX GLADSTONE, Virginia
434-936-XXXX Virginia
434-939-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-940-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-941-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-942-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-944-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-945-XXXX LYNCHBURG, Virginia
434-946-XXXX AMHERST, Virginia
434-947-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-948-XXXX Lynchburg, Virginia
434-949-XXXX ALBERTA, Virginia
434-950-XXXX Virginia
434-951-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-953-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-954-XXXX Virginia
434-955-XXXX South Hill, Virginia
434-956-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-958-XXXX Virginia
434-959-XXXX Virginia
434-960-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-961-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-962-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-963-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-964-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-969-XXXX BUCKINGHAM, Virginia
434-970-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-971-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-972-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-973-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-974-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-975-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-976-XXXX Virginia
434-977-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-978-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-979-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-980-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-981-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-982-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-983-XXXX DILLWYN, Virginia
434-984-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-985-XXXX STANARDSVILLE, Virginia
434-987-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-989-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-990-XXXX STANARDSVILLE, Virginia
434-992-XXXX STANARDSVILLE, Virginia
434-993-XXXX CONCORD, Virginia
434-995-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-996-XXXX Charlottesville, Virginia
434-999-XXXX Virginia