628-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
California, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 628. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of California. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
628-200-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-201-XXXX California
628-202-XXXX OAKLAND, California
628-203-XXXX California
628-204-XXXX California
628-205-XXXX California
628-206-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-207-XXXX California
628-208-XXXX California
628-209-XXXX California
628-210-XXXX California
628-211-XXXX California
628-212-XXXX California
628-213-XXXX OAKLAND, California
628-214-XXXX California
628-215-XXXX California
628-216-XXXX California
628-217-XXXX California
628-218-XXXX California
628-219-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-220-XXXX California
628-221-XXXX Sunnyvale, California
628-222-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-223-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-224-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-225-XXXX California
628-226-XXXX California
628-227-XXXX California
628-228-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-229-XXXX California
628-230-XXXX California
628-231-XXXX California
628-232-XXXX San Jose, California
628-233-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-234-XXXX San Jose, California
628-235-XXXX California
628-236-XXXX OAKLAND, California
628-237-XXXX Concord, California
628-238-XXXX California
628-239-XXXX California
628-240-XXXX OAKLAND, California
628-241-XXXX OAKLAND, California
628-242-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-243-XXXX California
628-244-XXXX California
628-245-XXXX California
628-246-XXXX California
628-247-XXXX California
628-248-XXXX California
628-249-XXXX California
628-250-XXXX California
628-251-XXXX California
628-252-XXXX California
628-253-XXXX California
628-254-XXXX California
628-255-XXXX California
628-256-XXXX California
628-257-XXXX California
628-258-XXXX California
628-259-XXXX California
628-260-XXXX California
628-262-XXXX California
628-273-XXXX California
628-274-XXXX California
628-275-XXXX California
628-300-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-311-XXXX California
628-333-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-363-XXXX California
628-400-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-411-XXXX California
628-415-XXXX California
628-444-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-500-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-502-XXXX California
628-555-XXXX California
628-561-XXXX California
628-600-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-652-XXXX California
628-666-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-700-XXXX California
628-711-XXXX California
628-777-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-800-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-867-XXXX California
628-877-XXXX California
628-888-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-895-XXXX California
628-899-XXXX California
628-900-XXXX San Francisco, California
628-911-XXXX California
628-950-XXXX California
628-958-XXXX California
628-959-XXXX California
628-976-XXXX California
628-999-XXXX San Francisco, California