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Potentially unsafe caller. Don't take any chances, best to ignore this number.

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Approximate location: , Tennessee Zip code: 00000

Our database suggests that 6292069355 is most likely located in , Tennessee. This page has received 101 visitors so far. Received a call from this number recently? Help the community by filling out a report in the comments section below.

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Topic: 629-206-9355 user reports
Beth says...

IRS threatening to file a law suit but they appear to really want to scare you so they can steal your money.

BS says...

"Call for more information before we download your case into the court house. Thank you"

Anonymous says...


1st: This is a robotic voice. If you want to commit fraud you should use a real person's voice.

2nd: The language/grammar used in the robot audio would never have been recorded and used, if this was intended to actually be a real legitimate call. The united states government would have corrected all of the language/grammar before they had signed off on this robot message!

3rd: They say to call before they download the case into the courthouse--uh that would never happen.

"(missing from the audio) ...and you and your family. We have tried to notify you regarding this issue in the previous six months. But we have never got response from you. So, it has been has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the united states government. You may call our department number 629-206-9355. I repeat 629-206-9355. Call for more information before we download your case into the courthouse."

BT says...

Recording claims to be a final notice fro the IRS on back taxes

ds says...

caller states US government is filing a lawsuit against the recipient of call for fraud

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