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Potentially unsafe caller. Don't take any chances, best to ignore this number.

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Approximate location: Teterboro, New Jersey Zip code: 07608

Our database suggests that 7328012751 is most likely located in Teterboro, New Jersey. This page has received 70 visitors so far. Received a call from this number recently? Help the community by filling out a report in the comments section below.

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Topic: 732-801-2751 user reports
Barb and Rick says...

This person befriended my father on Facebook claiming to be female and 24 years old, my father is 83. she then told him she started a business which she purchased 48,000 dollars of merchandise in china but it was held up at customs until she paid the tariffs. He sent her a total of 10,000 dollars and she said she would pay him back, of course that hasn't happened. Luckily I was notified by the bank that my father was taking out huge amounts of money, so we put a stop to it. Now she has removed her Facebook account once she was reported and knows I'm on to her/him , she has tried to get him to open another bank account so she can transfer money to him, we stopped that, you have to deposit money to open a account, nice try. We just caught him trying to send a picture of a 50 dollar Amazon card for her, we stopped that. We are now in the process of hiring a private I to help in the capture of this low life, so if you are contacted by this person, Beware. She now states she is 38

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