807-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Ontario, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 807. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Ontario. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
807-212-XXXX DRYDEN, Ontario
807-214-XXXX Ontario
807-216-XXXX DRYDEN, Ontario
807-217-XXXX Ontario
807-219-XXXX Ontario
807-220-XXXX Ontario
807-221-XXXX DRYDEN, Ontario
807-222-XXXX EAR FALLS, Ontario
807-223-XXXX DRYDEN, Ontario
807-224-XXXX MINAKI, Ontario
807-225-XXXX MINAKI, Ontario
807-226-XXXX SIOUX NARROWS, Ontario
807-227-XXXX VERMILION BAY, Ontario
807-228-XXXX Ontario
807-229-XXXX MARATHON, Ontario
807-230-XXXX Ontario
807-231-XXXX Ontario
807-238-XXXX HEMLO, Ontario
807-242-XXXX FORT HOPE, Ontario
807-251-XXXX Ontario
807-252-XXXX Ontario
807-270-XXXX Ontario
807-271-XXXX Ontario
807-272-XXXX Ontario
807-274-XXXX FORT FRANCES, Ontario
807-275-XXXX FORT FRANCES, Ontario
807-276-XXXX Ontario
807-277-XXXX Ontario
807-285-XXXX Ontario
807-286-XXXX Ontario
807-310-XXXX Ontario
807-323-XXXX Ontario
807-324-XXXX Ontario
807-329-XXXX NAKINA, Ontario
807-333-XXXX Ontario
807-335-XXXX Ontario
807-343-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-344-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-345-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-346-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-347-XXXX CAT LAKE, Ontario
807-349-XXXX OGOKI, Ontario
807-353-XXXX WEBEQUIE, Ontario
807-355-XXXX Ontario
807-356-XXXX Ontario
807-357-XXXX Ontario
807-360-XXXX Ontario
807-363-XXXX BEARSKIN LAKE, Ontario
807-371-XXXX Ontario
807-372-XXXX Ontario
807-373-XXXX Ontario
807-374-XXXX Ontario
807-375-XXXX Ontario
807-378-XXXX Ontario
807-379-XXXX Ontario
807-407-XXXX Ontario
807-442-XXXX WUNNUMMIN LAKE, Ontario
807-444-XXXX Ontario
807-448-XXXX RAITH, Ontario
807-456-XXXX Ontario
807-463-XXXX Ontario
807-464-XXXX Ontario
807-465-XXXX KENORA, Ontario
807-466-XXXX KENORA, Ontario
807-467-XXXX KENORA, Ontario
807-468-XXXX KENORA, Ontario
807-469-XXXX WEAGAMOW, Ontario
807-471-XXXX MUSKRAT DAM, Ontario
807-472-XXXX Ontario
807-473-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-474-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-475-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-476-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-478-XXXX FORT SEVERN, Ontario
807-481-XXXX BEARS PASSAGE, Ontario
807-482-XXXX EMO, Ontario
807-483-XXXX STRATTON, Ontario
807-484-XXXX NESTOR FALLS, Ontario
807-485-XXXX LAC LA CROIX, Ontario
807-486-XXXX DEVLIN, Ontario
807-487-XXXX BARWICK, Ontario
807-488-XXXX MORSON, Ontario
807-529-XXXX VERMILION BAY, Ontario
807-535-XXXX KASABONIKA, Ontario
807-537-XXXX BIG TROUT LAKE, Ontario
807-547-XXXX KEEWATIN, Ontario
807-548-XXXX JAFFRAY-MELICK, Ontario
807-577-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-582-XXXX HUDSON, Ontario
807-583-XXXX ARMSTRONG, Ontario
807-584-XXXX SAVANT LAKE, Ontario
807-590-XXXX Ontario
807-594-XXXX Ontario
807-595-XXXX SACHIGO LAKE, Ontario
807-597-XXXX ATIKOKAN, Ontario
807-598-XXXX Ontario
807-599-XXXX MINE CENTRE, Ontario
807-619-XXXX Ontario
807-620-XXXX Ontario
807-621-XXXX Ontario
807-622-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-623-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-624-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-625-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-626-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-627-XXXX Ontario
807-628-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-629-XXXX Ontario
807-630-XXXX Ontario
807-631-XXXX Ontario
807-632-XXXX Ontario
807-633-XXXX Ontario
807-662-XXXX COCHENOUR, Ontario
807-683-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-684-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-698-XXXX Ontario
807-699-XXXX Ontario
807-700-XXXX Ontario
807-701-XXXX Ontario
807-702-XXXX Ontario
807-703-XXXX Ontario
807-704-XXXX Ontario
807-707-XXXX Ontario
807-708-XXXX Ontario
807-709-XXXX Ontario
807-726-XXXX Ontario
807-727-XXXX RED LAKE, Ontario
807-728-XXXX Ontario
807-729-XXXX Ontario
807-733-XXXX CLEARWATER BAY, Ontario
807-735-XXXX BALMERTOWN, Ontario
807-737-XXXX SIOUX LOOKOUT, Ontario
807-738-XXXX Ontario
807-747-XXXX Ontario
807-749-XXXX RED LAKE, Ontario
807-755-XXXX EAGLE RIVER, Ontario
807-766-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-767-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-768-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-770-XXXX Ontario
807-771-XXXX KEEWAYWIN, Ontario
807-772-XXXX PIKANGIKUM, Ontario
807-773-XXXX PIKANGIKUM, Ontario
807-774-XXXX SANDY LAKE, Ontario
807-775-XXXX PIKANGIKUM, Ontario
807-777-XXXX Ontario
807-787-XXXX Ontario
807-788-XXXX Ontario
807-789-XXXX Ontario
807-790-XXXX Ontario
807-797-XXXX Ontario
807-808-XXXX Ontario
807-821-XXXX Ontario
807-822-XXXX WHITE RIVER, Ontario
807-823-XXXX Ontario
807-824-XXXX SCHREIBER, Ontario
807-825-XXXX TERRACE BAY, Ontario
807-826-XXXX MANITOUWADGE, Ontario
807-852-XXXX RAINY RIVER, Ontario
807-853-XXXX Ontario
807-854-XXXX GERALDTON, Ontario
807-855-XXXX Ontario
807-857-XXXX DORION, Ontario
807-861-XXXX Ontario
807-863-XXXX Ontario
807-867-XXXX Ontario
807-868-XXXX HORNEPAYNE, Ontario
807-872-XXXX MANITOUWADGE, Ontario
807-875-XXXX BEARDMORE, Ontario
807-876-XXXX LONGLAC, Ontario
807-879-XXXX JELLICOE, Ontario
807-880-XXXX Ontario
807-885-XXXX MACDIARMID, Ontario
807-886-XXXX RED ROCK, Ontario
807-887-XXXX NIPIGON, Ontario
807-888-XXXX Ontario
807-889-XXXX Ontario
807-907-XXXX Ontario
807-925-XXXX GRASSY NARROWS, Ontario
807-926-XXXX SHEBANDOWAN, Ontario
807-927-XXXX MINAKI, Ontario
807-928-XXXX PICKLE LAKE, Ontario
807-929-XXXX SAPAWE, Ontario
807-934-XXXX IGNACE, Ontario
807-935-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-936-XXXX Ontario
807-937-XXXX OXDRIFT, Ontario
807-938-XXXX WABIGOON, Ontario
807-939-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-943-XXXX Ontario
807-947-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-957-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-964-XXXX CLOUD BAY, Ontario
807-976-XXXX Ontario
807-977-XXXX PASS LAKE, Ontario
807-982-XXXX ARMSTRONG, Ontario
807-983-XXXX THUNDER BAY, Ontario
807-985-XXXX Ontario
807-986-XXXX UPSALA, Ontario
807-994-XXXX Ontario
807-995-XXXX Ontario
807-999-XXXX Ontario