873-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Quebec, Canada

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 873. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the province of Quebec. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
873-200-XXXX Quebec
873-201-XXXX Quebec
873-202-XXXX Quebec
873-203-XXXX Quebec
873-204-XXXX Quebec
873-205-XXXX Quebec
873-206-XXXX Quebec
873-208-XXXX Quebec
873-209-XXXX Quebec
873-210-XXXX Quebec
873-212-XXXX Quebec
873-213-XXXX Quebec
873-214-XXXX Quebec
873-220-XXXX Quebec
873-254-XXXX Quebec
873-265-XXXX Quebec
873-266-XXXX Quebec
873-267-XXXX Quebec
873-268-XXXX Quebec
873-269-XXXX Quebec
873-270-XXXX Quebec
873-271-XXXX Quebec
873-272-XXXX Quebec
873-274-XXXX Quebec
873-275-XXXX Quebec
873-276-XXXX Quebec
873-277-XXXX Quebec
873-278-XXXX Quebec
873-279-XXXX Quebec
873-280-XXXX Quebec
873-281-XXXX Quebec
873-282-XXXX Quebec
873-283-XXXX Quebec
873-284-XXXX Quebec
873-300-XXXX Quebec
873-302-XXXX Quebec
873-303-XXXX Quebec
873-320-XXXX Quebec
873-321-XXXX Quebec
873-322-XXXX Quebec
873-323-XXXX Quebec
873-324-XXXX Quebec
873-325-XXXX Quebec
873-326-XXXX Quebec
873-327-XXXX Quebec
873-328-XXXX Quebec
873-329-XXXX Quebec
873-330-XXXX Quebec
873-331-XXXX Quebec
873-332-XXXX Quebec
873-333-XXXX Quebec
873-334-XXXX Quebec
873-335-XXXX Quebec
873-336-XXXX Quebec
873-337-XXXX Quebec
873-338-XXXX Quebec
873-339-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-353-XXXX HULL, Quebec
873-357-XXXX Quebec
873-358-XXXX Quebec
873-365-XXXX Quebec
873-371-XXXX Quebec
873-372-XXXX Quebec
873-373-XXXX Quebec
873-374-XXXX Quebec
873-376-XXXX Quebec
873-378-XXXX Quebec
873-379-XXXX Quebec
873-380-XXXX Quebec
873-381-XXXX Quebec
873-382-XXXX Quebec
873-383-XXXX Quebec
873-384-XXXX Quebec
873-385-XXXX Quebec
873-386-XXXX Quebec
873-387-XXXX Quebec
873-388-XXXX Quebec
873-389-XXXX Quebec
873-390-XXXX Quebec
873-391-XXXX Quebec
873-392-XXXX Quebec
873-393-XXXX Quebec
873-394-XXXX Quebec
873-395-XXXX Quebec
873-396-XXXX Quebec
873-397-XXXX Quebec
873-398-XXXX Quebec
873-399-XXXX Quebec
873-400-XXXX Quebec
873-401-XXXX Quebec
873-402-XXXX Quebec
873-403-XXXX Quebec
873-404-XXXX Quebec
873-405-XXXX Quebec
873-406-XXXX Quebec
873-407-XXXX Quebec
873-408-XXXX Quebec
873-409-XXXX Quebec
873-410-XXXX Quebec
873-430-XXXX Quebec
873-469-XXXX Quebec
873-471-XXXX Quebec
873-472-XXXX Quebec
873-473-XXXX Quebec
873-474-XXXX Quebec
873-475-XXXX Quebec
873-476-XXXX Quebec
873-477-XXXX Quebec
873-478-XXXX Quebec
873-479-XXXX Quebec
873-480-XXXX Quebec
873-481-XXXX Quebec
873-482-XXXX Quebec
873-483-XXXX Quebec
873-491-XXXX Quebec
873-492-XXXX Quebec
873-496-XXXX Quebec
873-499-XXXX Quebec
873-500-XXXX Quebec
873-501-XXXX Quebec
873-502-XXXX Quebec
873-503-XXXX Quebec
873-504-XXXX Quebec
873-505-XXXX Quebec
873-506-XXXX Quebec
873-507-XXXX Quebec
873-508-XXXX Quebec
873-509-XXXX Quebec
873-510-XXXX Quebec
873-512-XXXX Quebec
873-513-XXXX Quebec
873-514-XXXX Quebec
873-560-XXXX Quebec
873-561-XXXX Quebec
873-562-XXXX Quebec
873-585-XXXX Quebec
873-588-XXXX Quebec
873-589-XXXX Quebec
873-600-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-601-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-602-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-603-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-604-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-605-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-606-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-607-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-608-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-609-XXXX SHERBROOKE, Quebec
873-621-XXXX Quebec
873-622-XXXX Quebec
873-623-XXXX Quebec
873-624-XXXX Quebec
873-633-XXXX Quebec
873-650-XXXX Quebec
873-651-XXXX Quebec
873-652-XXXX Quebec
873-653-XXXX Quebec
873-654-XXXX Quebec
873-655-XXXX Quebec
873-656-XXXX Quebec
873-657-XXXX Quebec
873-658-XXXX Quebec
873-659-XXXX Quebec
873-660-XXXX Quebec
873-661-XXXX Quebec
873-662-XXXX Quebec
873-663-XXXX Quebec
873-664-XXXX Quebec
873-665-XXXX Quebec
873-666-XXXX Quebec
873-673-XXXX Quebec
873-700-XXXX Quebec
873-701-XXXX Quebec
873-729-XXXX Quebec
873-730-XXXX Quebec
873-731-XXXX Quebec
873-732-XXXX Quebec
873-733-XXXX Quebec
873-734-XXXX Quebec
873-735-XXXX Quebec
873-736-XXXX Quebec
873-737-XXXX Quebec
873-738-XXXX Quebec
873-739-XXXX Quebec
873-746-XXXX Quebec
873-770-XXXX Quebec
873-771-XXXX Quebec
873-800-XXXX Quebec
873-803-XXXX Quebec
873-804-XXXX Quebec
873-805-XXXX Quebec
873-823-XXXX Quebec
873-824-XXXX Quebec
873-825-XXXX Quebec
873-826-XXXX Quebec
873-827-XXXX Quebec
873-828-XXXX Quebec
873-829-XXXX Quebec
873-840-XXXX Quebec
873-841-XXXX Quebec
873-842-XXXX Quebec
873-860-XXXX Quebec
873-861-XXXX Quebec
873-862-XXXX Quebec
873-863-XXXX Quebec
873-864-XXXX Quebec
873-865-XXXX Quebec
873-866-XXXX Quebec
873-867-XXXX Quebec
873-868-XXXX Quebec
873-869-XXXX Quebec
873-870-XXXX Quebec
873-880-XXXX Quebec
873-881-XXXX Quebec
873-882-XXXX Quebec
873-883-XXXX Quebec
873-885-XXXX Quebec
873-886-XXXX Quebec
873-887-XXXX Quebec
873-888-XXXX Quebec
873-889-XXXX Quebec
873-890-XXXX Quebec
873-922-XXXX Quebec
873-923-XXXX Quebec
873-929-XXXX Quebec
873-935-XXXX Quebec
873-937-XXXX Quebec
873-971-XXXX Quebec
873-974-XXXX Quebec
873-994-XXXX Quebec
873-995-XXXX Quebec
873-996-XXXX Quebec
873-997-XXXX Quebec
873-998-XXXX Quebec
873-999-XXXX Quebec