906-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Michigan, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 906. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Michigan. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
906-200-XXXX Michigan
906-201-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-202-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-203-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-204-XXXX Michigan
906-205-XXXX Michigan
906-206-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-207-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-208-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-209-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-211-XXXX Michigan
906-212-XXXX CARNEY, Michigan
906-213-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-214-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-215-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-216-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-217-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-218-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-219-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-220-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-221-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-222-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-223-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-224-XXXX Wakefield, Michigan
906-225-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-226-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-227-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-228-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-229-XXXX Wakefield, Michigan
906-230-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-231-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-232-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-233-XXXX Escanaba, Michigan
906-234-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-235-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-236-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-237-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-238-XXXX WATSON, Michigan
906-239-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-240-XXXX SAULT STE MARIE, Michigan
906-241-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-242-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-243-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-244-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-245-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-246-XXXX FELCH, Michigan
906-247-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-248-XXXX BRIMLEY, Michigan
906-249-XXXX HARVEY, Michigan
906-250-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-251-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-252-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-253-XXXX Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
906-254-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-258-XXXX Michigan
906-259-XXXX SAULT STE MARIE, Michigan
906-264-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-265-XXXX Iron River, Michigan
906-269-XXXX Michigan
906-271-XXXX IRON MOUNTAIN, Michigan
906-272-XXXX FENCE RIVER, Michigan
906-273-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-274-XXXX ECKERMAN, Michigan
906-275-XXXX BERGLAND, Michigan
906-278-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-279-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-280-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-281-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-282-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-283-XXXX Michigan
906-284-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-285-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-286-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-287-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-288-XXXX DONKEN, Michigan
906-289-XXXX KEWEENAW, Michigan
906-290-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-291-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-292-XXXX Saint Ignace, Michigan
906-293-XXXX NEWBERRY, Michigan
906-294-XXXX Baraga, Michigan
906-295-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-296-XXXX Lake Linden, Michigan
906-297-XXXX DE TOUR, Michigan
906-298-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-300-XXXX Michigan
906-302-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-303-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-304-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-305-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-307-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-308-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-311-XXXX Michigan
906-312-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-313-XXXX Michigan
906-314-XXXX IRON MOUNTAIN, Michigan
906-315-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-317-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-321-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-322-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-323-XXXX MICHIGAMME, Michigan
906-324-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-325-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-326-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-327-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-328-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-329-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-330-XXXX BERGLAND, Michigan
906-334-XXXX Pelkie, Michigan
906-337-XXXX CALUMET, Michigan
906-338-XXXX ALSTON, Michigan
906-339-XXXX CHAMPION, Michigan
906-341-XXXX Manistique, Michigan
906-343-XXXX SAND RIVER, Michigan
906-345-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-346-XXXX GWINN, Michigan
906-349-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-352-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-353-XXXX Baraga, Michigan
906-355-XXXX Watton, Michigan
906-356-XXXX ROCK, Michigan
906-357-XXXX Baraga, Michigan
906-358-XXXX WATERSMEET, Michigan
906-359-XXXX ROCK, Michigan
906-360-XXXX Michigan
906-361-XXXX Michigan
906-362-XXXX Michigan
906-364-XXXX Michigan
906-365-XXXX Michigan
906-366-XXXX Michigan
906-367-XXXX Michigan
906-368-XXXX Michigan
906-369-XXXX Michigan
906-370-XXXX Michigan
906-371-XXXX Michigan
906-372-XXXX GWINN, Michigan
906-373-XXXX Michigan
906-374-XXXX Michigan
906-376-XXXX REPUBLIC, Michigan
906-379-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-381-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-382-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-383-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-384-XXXX CORNELL, Michigan
906-387-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-388-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-390-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-391-XXXX Michigan
906-392-XXXX Michigan
906-393-XXXX Michigan
906-395-XXXX Michigan
906-396-XXXX Michigan
906-397-XXXX Michigan
906-398-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-399-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-400-XXXX Michigan
906-401-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-403-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-406-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-411-XXXX Michigan
906-412-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-414-XXXX Michigan
906-416-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-420-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-421-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-422-XXXX Michigan
906-424-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-428-XXXX Gladstone, Michigan
906-429-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-430-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-434-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-435-XXXX CHATHAM, Michigan
906-436-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-437-XXXX BRIMLEY, Michigan
906-438-XXXX FAITHORN, Michigan
906-439-XXXX CHATHAM, Michigan
906-440-XXXX Michigan
906-441-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-442-XXXX SAULT STE MARIE, Michigan
906-446-XXXX TRENARY, Michigan
906-448-XXXX Michigan
906-449-XXXX Baraga, Michigan
906-450-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-451-XXXX Baraga, Michigan
906-452-XXXX SHINGLETON, Michigan
906-458-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-459-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-464-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-466-XXXX BARK RIVER, Michigan
906-467-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-468-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-469-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-472-XXXX Watton, Michigan
906-474-XXXX RAPID RIVER, Michigan
906-475-XXXX Negaunee, Michigan
906-477-XXXX ENGADINE, Michigan
906-478-XXXX RUDYARD, Michigan
906-481-XXXX CHASSELL, Michigan
906-482-XXXX Hancock, Michigan
906-483-XXXX Hancock, Michigan
906-484-XXXX CEDARVILLE, Michigan
906-485-XXXX Ishpeming, Michigan
906-486-XXXX Ishpeming, Michigan
906-487-XXXX Hancock, Michigan
906-490-XXXX Michigan
906-492-XXXX PARADISE, Michigan
906-493-XXXX DRUMMOND ISLAND, Michigan
906-494-XXXX GRAND MARAIS, Michigan
906-495-XXXX KINROSS, Michigan
906-497-XXXX POWERS, Michigan
906-498-XXXX POWERS, Michigan
906-499-XXXX SENEY, Michigan
906-500-XXXX Michigan
906-511-XXXX Michigan
906-514-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-517-XXXX Michigan
906-522-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-523-XXXX CHASSELL, Michigan
906-524-XXXX L ANSE, Michigan
906-532-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-535-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-542-XXXX CHANNING, Michigan
906-544-XXXX NORTH LAND-O-LAKES, Michigan
906-546-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-548-XXXX SMOKEY LAKE, Michigan
906-553-XXXX NEGAUNEE, Michigan
906-555-XXXX Michigan
906-559-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-563-XXXX NORWAY, Michigan
906-569-XXXX Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
906-573-XXXX HIAWATHA FOREST, Michigan
906-575-XXXX BERGLAND, Michigan
906-586-XXXX CURTIS, Michigan
906-595-XXXX REXTON, Michigan
906-597-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-598-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-606-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-611-XXXX Michigan
906-616-XXXX Michigan
906-619-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-622-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-623-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-624-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-628-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-629-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-630-XXXX SAULT STE MARIE, Michigan
906-631-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-632-XXXX Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
906-635-XXXX Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
906-639-XXXX CARNEY, Michigan
906-643-XXXX Saint Ignace, Michigan
906-644-XXXX GARDEN, Michigan
906-647-XXXX PICKFORD, Michigan
906-654-XXXX SCOTT POINT, Michigan
906-656-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-658-XXXX DEER PARK, Michigan
906-661-XXXX AMASA, Michigan
906-662-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-663-XXXX Bessemer, Michigan
906-666-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-667-XXXX Bessemer, Michigan
906-668-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-670-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-673-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-675-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-676-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-680-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-696-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-700-XXXX Michigan
906-702-XXXX Ishpeming, Michigan
906-706-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-710-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-711-XXXX Michigan
906-713-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-714-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-715-XXXX Michigan
906-717-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-723-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-731-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-733-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-734-XXXX Michigan
906-738-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-743-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-747-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-748-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-753-XXXX STEPHENSON, Michigan
906-760-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-762-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-767-XXXX Michigan
906-771-XXXX Niagara, Michigan
906-774-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-776-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-777-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-779-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-783-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-786-XXXX Escanaba, Michigan
906-787-XXXX MARENISCO, Michigan
906-788-XXXX WALLACE, Michigan
906-789-XXXX Escanaba, Michigan
906-792-XXXX Michigan
906-800-XXXX Michigan
906-810-XXXX Michigan
906-811-XXXX Michigan
906-813-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-822-XXXX AMASA, Michigan
906-825-XXXX Gladstone, Michigan
906-826-XXXX STEPHENSON, Michigan
906-827-XXXX BRUCE CROSSING, Michigan
906-828-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-829-XXXX Iron Mountain, Michigan
906-831-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-832-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-833-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-842-XXXX LAKE GOGEBIC, Michigan
906-847-XXXX MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan
906-850-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-852-XXXX Trout Creek, Michigan
906-863-XXXX MENOMINEE, Michigan
906-864-XXXX MENOMINEE, Michigan
906-869-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-874-XXXX CRYSTAL FALLS, Michigan
906-875-XXXX Crystal Falls, Michigan
906-876-XXXX HULBERT, Michigan
906-883-XXXX MASS, Michigan
906-884-XXXX Ontonagon, Michigan
906-885-XXXX WHITE PINE, Michigan
906-886-XXXX ROCKLAND, Michigan
906-888-XXXX Michigan
906-892-XXXX AU TRAIN, Michigan
906-900-XXXX Michigan
906-906-XXXX Michigan
906-911-XXXX Michigan
906-914-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-919-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-932-XXXX Ironwood, Michigan
906-934-XXXX CALUMET, Michigan
906-942-XXXX SKANDIA, Michigan
906-947-XXXX Michigan
906-950-XXXX Michigan
906-952-XXXX Michigan
906-958-XXXX Michigan
906-959-XXXX Michigan
906-970-XXXX NORWAY, Michigan
906-971-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-972-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-973-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-976-XXXX Michigan
906-978-XXXX Munising, Michigan
906-984-XXXX Marquette, Michigan
906-988-XXXX EWEN, Michigan
906-989-XXXX Michigan
906-992-XXXX Michigan