936-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Texas, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 936. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Texas. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
936-200-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-201-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-202-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-203-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-204-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-205-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-206-XXXX Dallas, Texas
936-207-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-208-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-209-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-210-XXXX Texas
936-211-XXXX Texas
936-212-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-213-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-214-XXXX Texas
936-215-XXXX Texas
936-216-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-217-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-218-XXXX Texas
936-219-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-220-XXXX Texas
936-221-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-222-XXXX Texas
936-223-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-224-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-225-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-226-XXXX Texas
936-227-XXXX Texas
936-228-XXXX Willis, Texas
936-229-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-230-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-233-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-234-XXXX Texas
936-235-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-237-XXXX Texas
936-238-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-239-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-240-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-241-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-242-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-243-XXXX Humble, Texas
936-244-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-245-XXXX Texas
936-246-XXXX Texas
936-247-XXXX Texas
936-248-XXXX Texas
936-249-XXXX Texas
936-250-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-251-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-252-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-253-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-254-XXXX TIMPSON, Texas
936-255-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-256-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-257-XXXX Dayton, Texas
936-258-XXXX Dayton, Texas
936-259-XXXX Texas
936-260-XXXX Texas
936-261-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-262-XXXX BATSON, Texas
936-263-XXXX Texas
936-264-XXXX CUT AND SHOOT, Texas
936-265-XXXX Texas
936-266-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-267-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-268-XXXX Texas
936-269-XXXX Texas
936-270-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-271-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-272-XXXX Texas
936-273-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-274-XXXX SARATOGA, Texas
936-275-XXXX San Augustine, Texas
936-276-XXXX MONTGOMERY, Texas
936-277-XXXX Texas
936-278-XXXX Texas
936-279-XXXX Texas
936-281-XXXX Texas
936-282-XXXX Texas
936-288-XXXX San Augustine, Texas
936-291-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-293-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-294-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-295-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-298-XXXX HARDIN, Texas
936-300-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-301-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-302-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-303-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-304-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-305-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-306-XXXX Texas
936-307-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-309-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-310-XXXX Texas
936-311-XXXX Texas
936-312-XXXX Texas
936-314-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-315-XXXX Texas
936-318-XXXX Texas
936-320-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-321-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-326-XXXX Texas
936-327-XXXX Livingston, Texas
936-328-XXXX Livingston, Texas
936-329-XXXX Livingston, Texas
936-332-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-333-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-334-XXXX Liberty, Texas
936-336-XXXX Liberty, Texas
936-337-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-340-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-342-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-344-XXXX NEW WAVERLY, Texas
936-346-XXXX Liberty, Texas
936-347-XXXX GARRISON, Texas
936-348-XXXX Madisonville, Texas
936-349-XXXX Madisonville, Texas
936-353-XXXX Texas
936-355-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-356-XXXX Texas
936-361-XXXX Texas
936-362-XXXX CHIRENO, Texas
936-365-XXXX GOODRICH, Texas
936-366-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-367-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-368-XXXX HUXLEY, Texas
936-369-XXXX Texas
936-371-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-372-XXXX WALLER, Texas
936-377-XXXX OAKHURST, Texas
936-389-XXXX WALLER, Texas
936-391-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-394-XXXX Texas
936-395-XXXX Texas
936-396-XXXX Texas
936-398-XXXX CORRIGAN, Texas
936-399-XXXX Texas
936-402-XXXX Texas
936-404-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-409-XXXX Texas
936-410-XXXX Texas
936-411-XXXX Texas
936-414-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-417-XXXX CORRIGAN, Texas
936-419-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-422-XXXX Texas
936-425-XXXX Livingston, Texas
936-427-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-430-XXXX Texas
936-432-XXXX Texas
936-433-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-435-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-436-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-437-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-438-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-439-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-441-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-442-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-443-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-444-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-445-XXXX CUT AND SHOOT, Texas
936-447-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-448-XXXX MONTGOMERY, Texas
936-449-XXXX MONTGOMERY, Texas
936-461-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-462-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-463-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-465-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-468-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-469-XXXX Texas
936-483-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-488-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-494-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-495-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-496-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-499-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-500-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-502-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-504-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-505-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-506-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-508-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-509-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-510-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-511-XXXX Texas
936-512-XXXX Texas
936-513-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-514-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-515-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-520-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-521-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-522-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-523-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-524-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-525-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-526-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-534-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-536-XXXX HULL, Texas
936-537-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-538-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-539-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-544-XXXX Crockett, Texas
936-545-XXXX Crockett, Texas
936-546-XXXX Crockett, Texas
936-549-XXXX DEVERS, Texas
936-552-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-553-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-554-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-555-XXXX Texas
936-556-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-558-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-559-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-560-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-563-XXXX RUBY, Texas
936-564-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-566-XXXX Livingston, Texas
936-568-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-569-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-570-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-571-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-572-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-577-XXXX Texas
936-581-XXXX Texas
936-582-XXXX MONTGOMERY, Texas
936-585-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-587-XXXX RAYWOOD, Texas
936-588-XXXX CONROE, Texas
936-590-XXXX Center, Texas
936-591-XXXX Center, Texas
936-594-XXXX Texas
936-596-XXXX San Augustine, Texas
936-597-XXXX MONTGOMERY, Texas
936-598-XXXX Center, Texas
936-600-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-611-XXXX Texas
936-612-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-615-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-622-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-624-XXXX Texas
936-628-XXXX SHEPHERD, Texas
936-630-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-631-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-632-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-633-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-634-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-635-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-636-XXXX Texas
936-637-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-638-XXXX Texas
936-639-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-641-XXXX Texas
936-642-XXXX Texas
936-645-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-646-XXXX ONALASKA, Texas
936-647-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-648-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-649-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-650-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-652-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-653-XXXX COLDSPRING, Texas
936-655-XXXX Texas
936-657-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-661-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-662-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-666-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-668-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-671-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-672-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-674-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-675-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-676-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-679-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-681-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-682-XXXX Texas
936-685-XXXX SEGNO, Texas
936-687-XXXX Texas
936-689-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-697-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-699-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-700-XXXX Texas
936-701-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-703-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-706-XXXX Texas
936-707-XXXX Texas
936-709-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-711-XXXX Texas
936-713-XXXX Texas
936-714-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-715-XXXX Nacogdoches, Texas
936-718-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-720-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-727-XXXX Texas
936-730-XXXX Huntsville, Texas
936-732-XXXX Texas
936-744-XXXX Texas
936-755-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-756-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-760-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-767-XXXX EVERGREEN, Texas
936-776-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-777-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-788-XXXX Conroe, Texas
936-800-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-806-XXXX Texas
936-811-XXXX Texas
936-817-XXXX Texas
936-818-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-825-XXXX Navasota, Texas
936-827-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-828-XXXX HOUSTON, Texas
936-829-XXXX DIBOLLL, Texas
936-830-XXXX Texas
936-832-XXXX Texas
936-851-XXXX RICHARDS, Texas
936-852-XXXX Crockett, Texas
936-853-XXXX CENTRAL, Texas
936-854-XXXX ETOILE, Texas
936-855-XXXX Texas
936-856-XXXX Willis, Texas
936-857-XXXX PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas
936-858-XXXX ALTO, Texas
936-867-XXXX WELLS, Texas
936-869-XXXX Lufkin, Texas
936-870-XXXX Navasota, Texas
936-872-XXXX Texas
936-873-XXXX ANDERSON, Texas
936-874-XXXX SHIRO, Texas
936-875-XXXX HUDSON, Texas
936-876-XXXX Texas
936-878-XXXX WASHINGTON, Texas
936-879-XXXX ALTO, Texas
936-888-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-890-XXXX Willis, Texas
936-891-XXXX WATERWOOD, Texas
936-897-XXXX Texas
936-899-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-900-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-903-XXXX Texas
936-909-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-911-XXXX Texas
936-915-XXXX Texas
936-931-XXXX WALLER, Texas
936-933-XXXX Texas
936-936-XXXX Texas
936-940-XXXX Texas
936-950-XXXX Texas
936-956-XXXX Texas
936-958-XXXX Texas
936-959-XXXX Texas
936-967-XXXX BLANCHARD, Texas
936-969-XXXX CHESTER, Texas
936-972-XXXX Texas
936-976-XXXX Texas
936-978-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-979-XXXX Texas
936-994-XXXX Houston, Texas
936-999-XXXX Houston, Texas