952-XXX-XXXX phone numbers
Minnesota, USA

The following is a list of all telephone prefixes belonging to area code 952. Phone numbers in this area code are usually assigned to residents in the state of Minnesota. For more information on a particular number, simply click on the corresponding link.

Phone prefix Approximate location
952-200-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-201-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-202-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-203-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-204-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-205-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-206-XXXX Minnesota
952-207-XXXX Minnesota
952-208-XXXX Minnesota
952-210-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-211-XXXX Minnesota
952-212-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-215-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-216-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-217-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-218-XXXX Minnesota
952-220-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-221-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-222-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-223-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-224-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-225-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-226-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-227-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-228-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-229-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-230-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-231-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-232-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-233-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-234-XXXX Minnesota
952-235-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-236-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-237-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-238-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-239-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-240-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-241-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-242-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-244-XXXX Minnetonka, Minnesota
952-249-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-250-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-252-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-253-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-255-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-257-XXXX New Prague, Minnesota
952-258-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-259-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-260-XXXX Minnesota
952-261-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-270-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-277-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-278-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-279-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-283-XXXX NEW MARKET, Minnesota
952-285-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-288-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-290-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-292-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-294-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-297-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-300-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-303-XXXX Saint Paul, Minnesota
952-311-XXXX Minnesota
952-314-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-320-XXXX Minnesota
952-322-XXXX Rosemount, Minnesota
952-324-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-333-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-334-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-345-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-346-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-351-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-352-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-353-XXXX NEW GERMANY, Minnesota
952-356-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-358-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-361-XXXX Chaska, Minnesota
952-365-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-367-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-368-XXXX Chaska, Minnesota
952-373-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-374-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-377-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-378-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-380-XXXX Excelsior, Minnesota
952-381-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-388-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-392-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-393-XXXX Roseville, Minnesota
952-394-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-400-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-401-XXXX Excelsior, Minnesota
952-402-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-403-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-404-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-405-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-406-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-411-XXXX Minnesota
952-412-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-417-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-423-XXXX Rosemount, Minnesota
952-426-XXXX Roseville, Minnesota
952-428-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-430-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-431-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-432-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-435-XXXX Burnsville, Minnesota
952-440-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-442-XXXX Waconia, Minnesota
952-443-XXXX VICTORIA, Minnesota
952-444-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-445-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-446-XXXX ST BONIFACIUS, Minnesota
952-447-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-448-XXXX Chaska, Minnesota
952-449-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-451-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-452-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-454-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-456-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-457-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-460-XXXX Farmington, Minnesota
952-461-XXXX NEW MARKET, Minnesota
952-463-XXXX Farmington, Minnesota
952-465-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-466-XXXX Cologne, Minnesota
952-467-XXXX NORWOOD, Minnesota
952-469-XXXX LAKEVILLE, Minnesota
952-470-XXXX Excelsior, Minnesota
952-471-XXXX NAVARRE, Minnesota
952-472-XXXX MOUND, Minnesota
952-473-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-474-XXXX Excelsior, Minnesota
952-475-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-476-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-479-XXXX Minnetonka, Minnesota
952-484-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-486-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-487-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-491-XXXX MOUND, Minnesota
952-492-XXXX Jordan, Minnesota
952-495-XXXX MOUND, Minnesota
952-496-XXXX Shakopee, Minnesota
952-500-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-507-XXXX Minnesota
952-511-XXXX Minnesota
952-512-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-513-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-516-XXXX Minnetonka, Minnesota
952-525-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-529-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-540-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-541-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-542-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-543-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-544-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-545-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-546-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-548-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-555-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-556-XXXX Chaska, Minnesota
952-562-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-563-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-564-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-567-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-582-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-583-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-591-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-593-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-594-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-595-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-601-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-607-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-608-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-611-XXXX Minnesota
952-612-XXXX Minnesota
952-641-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-645-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-646-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-649-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-651-XXXX Minnesota
952-652-XXXX WEBSTER, Minnesota
952-653-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-656-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-657-XXXX Mayer, Minnesota
952-658-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-666-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-674-XXXX Minnetonka, Minnesota
952-679-XXXX OSSEO, Minnesota
952-681-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-683-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-684-XXXX Minnesota
952-686-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-687-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-688-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-693-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-697-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-698-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-700-XXXX Minnesota
952-703-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-707-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-711-XXXX Minnesota
952-715-XXXX Minnetonka, Minnesota
952-736-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-737-XXXX OSSEO, Minnesota
952-738-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-742-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-745-XXXX Wayzata, Minnesota
952-746-XXXX Prior Lake, Minnesota
952-758-XXXX New Prague, Minnesota
952-763-XXXX Minnesota
952-767-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-769-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-777-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-797-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-800-XXXX Minnesota
952-806-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-807-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-808-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-809-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-811-XXXX Minnesota
952-814-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-818-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-820-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-826-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-828-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-829-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-830-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-831-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-832-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-833-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-835-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-836-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-837-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-838-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-841-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-842-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-843-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-844-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-846-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-847-XXXX Golden Valley, Minnesota
952-848-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-851-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-852-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-853-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-854-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-855-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-856-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-857-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-858-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-873-XXXX Belle Plaine, Minnesota
952-876-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-881-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-882-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-883-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-884-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-885-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-886-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-887-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-888-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-890-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-891-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-892-XXXX Burnsville, Minnesota
952-893-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-894-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-895-XXXX BURNSVILLE, Minnesota
952-896-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-897-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-898-XXXX Burnsville, Minnesota
952-901-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-903-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-905-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-906-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-907-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-908-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-909-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-911-XXXX Minnesota
952-912-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-913-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
952-914-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-915-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-917-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-918-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-920-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-921-XXXX BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota
952-922-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-923-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-924-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-925-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-926-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-927-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-928-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-929-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-930-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-931-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-932-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-933-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-934-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-935-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-936-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-937-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-938-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-939-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-941-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-942-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-943-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-944-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-945-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-946-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-947-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-948-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-949-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-950-XXXX Minnesota
952-952-XXXX Minnesota
952-953-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-955-XXXX WATERTOWN, Minnesota
952-956-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-958-XXXX Minnesota
952-959-XXXX Minnesota
952-960-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-967-XXXX Bloomington, Minnesota
952-974-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-975-XXXX EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota
952-976-XXXX Minnesota
952-977-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-979-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-980-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-983-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-984-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-985-XXXX LAKEVILLE, Minnesota
952-988-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-989-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-992-XXXX HOPKINS, Minnesota
952-993-XXXX Minneapolis, Minnesota
952-994-XXXX Eagan, Minnesota
952-995-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-996-XXXX Eden Prairie, Minnesota
952-997-XXXX APPLE VALLEY, Minnesota
952-999-XXXX MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota